China Criticizes U.S. Report on Trade Barriers, Denies Violating WTO Rules

China Criticizes U.S. Report on Trade Barriers, Denies Violating WTO Rules

China‘s commerce ministry expressed strong opposition on Tuesday to a U.S. report that highlighted foreign trade barriers, criticizing it for labeling China as a major concern. 


The ministry argued that the U.S. National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, published on March 29, failed to substantiate its claims that China’s policies and practices breached World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. 

Instead, the report unjustly accused China of engaging in ‘non-market’ activities, and of implementing barriers in sectors such as agriculture and data management, according to a ministry spokesperson.

The spokesperson urged the United States to cease its “false accusations” and adhere to WTO regulations, emphasizing the importance of preserving a fair and equitable global trade environment.

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