DAO Assets Surge by Over $20 Billion in 4 Months During Cryptocurrency Market Rally

USDGLO: Bridging the Gap Between Fiat and Crypto in the Global Economy

DAO Assets Surge by Over $20 Billion in 4 Months During Cryptocurrency Market Rally

Four months back, a total of 179 decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) each had treasuries worth over $1 million. As of today, that number has risen to 211 DAOs. Since November 1, 2023, the combined value of these DAO treasuries has surged by over $20 billion, over a span of 145 days.

USDGLO: Bridging the Gap Between Fiat and Crypto in the Global Economy

DAO Treasuries Reach $40 Billion Milestone

The cryptocurrency market’s significant growth has led to a notable increase in DAO treasury values over the past four months. In November 2023, the total assets managed by DAO ecosystems were valued at $18 billion, with Arbitrum DAO leading the pack. 

Now, the landscape has changed, with Arbitrum’s DAO moving to second place in treasury value. The current total valuation of DAO treasuries stands at $40.1 billion.

The Optimism Collective now holds the title for the largest DAO by treasury size, boasting around $7.9 billion. The treasury of Optimism’s DAO includes tokens such as OP, USDT, ETH, and USDC. 

Following close behind is Arbitrum’s DAO, with a treasury worth $6.8 billion, mainly in ARB and ETH tokens. Four months ago, Mantle’s DAO was third, but Uniswap’s DAO has now taken over that spot.

Uniswap’s DAO treasury is currently valued at $4.8 billion, with Mantle’s reserves at $2.8 billion. Gnosis ranks as the fifth largest DAO in terms of treasury size, holding $2.7 billion in assets. 

The top five DAO treasuries collectively hold assets worth $25 billion, which is 62.34% of the total $40.1 billion. The top ten include ENS DAO and the Graph DAO, each managing between $1 billion and $1.6 billion in assets.

Dydx, Aevo (Ribbon Finance), and Lido have treasuries valued at $743 million, $489 million, and $479 million, respectively. In governance activity, Optimism’s DAO has processed 151 proposals, Arbitrum’s DAO has reviewed 200, Uniswap has considered 170, Mantle has looked at 45, and Gnosis has examined 197 proposals. 

Both Optimism and Arbitrum have received millions of votes on their proposals, while the remaining top five DAOs have seen hundreds of thousands of votes each.

With a collective valuation of $40.1 billion, these DAOs mark a significant progression from the original Ethereum DAO, which famously failed and resulted in the Ethereum Classic hard fork.

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