Dave Portnoy Announces Cancer Battle and Recovery

Dave Portnoy Announces Cancer Battle and Recovery

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy reveals his cancer diagnosis and successful recovery during a trivia show. Learn more about his health announcement and the reaction from his peers.

Bollywood Fever: Dave Portnoy made a surprising announcement regarding his health on Wednesday night. The Barstool Sports founder, wearing a bandage on the left side of his neck, disclosed his cancer diagnosis during “The Dozens Trivia” show, following a teaser earlier in the day on the “BFFs Pod” about his health battle.

“A lot of pressure. This is all that matters. We’ve been waiting for all season,” Portnoy remarked about the trivia matchup, before nonchalantly adding, “I have cancer, by the way. No big deal.”

Details about the type of cancer or the timing of his diagnosis were not provided.

After the announcement, Portnoy took to X (formerly Twitter) to clarify that he had successfully beaten the unspecified cancer. “I did have cancer. I beat it. It wasn’t the serious kind thank god. I can’t tell if [Rico] Bosco thinks cancer is funny or not,” Portnoy wrote, accompanied by a video of him talking to Bosco and Dan Katz.

Bosco revealed he was unaware of Portnoy’s health scare. “Because I don’t make a big show of it,” Portnoy responded in the video to Bosco, who was wearing a sling.

Earlier in the day, the “BFFs Pod” teased Wednesday’s episode with a clip showing what appeared to be a cut on the same side of Portnoy’s neck that he later had bandaged during the trivia show. When host Brianna LaPaglia asked about the mark on his neck, Portnoy replied that it was due to cancer.

Portnoy’s candid revelation about his health battle and subsequent recovery has sparked a conversation about resilience and the importance of addressing health issues privately and publicly.

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