Drake’s Deep Affection for Sexyy Red Leads to Extravagant Spending

Drake's Deep Affection for Sexyy Red Leads to Extravagant Spending

Drake’s Deep Affection for Sexyy Red Leads to Extravagant Spending

Bollywoodfever, March 11: Drake and Sexyy Red have quickly developed a remarkably close relationship. Last Saturday (March 9), Sexyy Red flaunted the extravagant gifts she received from Drake, including three Chanel bags and $50,000 in cash, praising her “rich baby daddy” Drizzy on social media. 

Her post, “Rich baby daddy gang 50k n 4 Chanels fa a bad Bthc Thank You Drake,” is a nod to Drake’s recent track “Rich Baby Daddy,” in which the St. Louis rapper makes an appearance. 

This gesture reflects the unique and intense connection between them, blurring the lines between a romantic and platonic relationship.

Drake’s Generosity Towards Sexyy Red Totals Over $94,000

Drake’s affection for Sexyy Red became public last July, around the time of his Brooklyn’s Barclays Center performance on the It’s All a Blur Tour. An intimate moment between them was captured backstage, showcasing their closeness with Drake kissing Sexyy Red on the cheek. Drake affectionately referred to her as his “rightful wife” on social media, while Sexyy Red chose to highlight their rapport differently.

Drake's Deep Affection for Sexyy Red Leads to Extravagant Spending

The chemistry between the two artists led to Drake inviting Sexyy Red to open for him on tour and featuring her on his album “For All the Dogs” released in October 2023. The music video for “Rich Baby Daddy” further fueled speculation about their relationship, showing Drake affectionate with Sexyy Red and her pregnant belly, sparking online debates about the appropriateness given the child is not Drake’s.

Drake’s praise for Sexyy Red continued into February, calling her his muse amidst life’s confusions, accompanying the praise with tour photos. This praise came after Sexyy Red’s playful challenge to her hometown.

The lavish gifts from Drake to Sexyy Red, notably the Chanel bags and cash, showcase his significant investment in their relationship. The cost of the Chanel bags alone could range up to $44,000, with the additional $50,000 in cash pushing the total to around $94,000. This level of expenditure raises questions about the nature of their relationship.

Despite the ambiguity of Drake’s public displays of affection towards Sexyy Red, whether romantic or platonic, the mutual admiration between them is undeniable.

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