France Enhances Olympic Security Through International Military and Police Assistance

Paris Olympic 2024

France Enhances Olympic Security Through International Military and Police Assistance

Bollywoodfever, March, 29: France has reached out to approximately 45 foreign nations, seeking the assistance of several thousand additional military, police, and civilian personnel to ensure the security of the Paris Olympics this summer, according to government officials.

This request comes against the backdrop of an increasingly complex geopolitical and security landscape.

Paris Olympic 2024

The nation intends to mobilize around 45,000 French police and security forces, 20,000 private security staff, and approximately 15,000 military personnel daily to safeguard the event, which will attract millions of sports enthusiasts and tourists during the peak summer period.

Recent conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, coupled with the looming threat of terrorist activities, have prompted the French government to elevate its security alert to the highest level.

A French military official emphasized the heightened vigilance surrounding the Olympic Games’ security due to the current global tensions.

While inviting foreign police forces for large international sports gatherings is a common practice, soliciting military support is less frequent. France had previously offered military aid to Qatar during the last World Cup, including sniffer dogs and anti-drone units.

In January, France appealed to about 45 countries for additional support exceeding 2,000 individuals, covering both military and non-military roles. The assistance sought includes a variety of specialists, from motorized and equestrian brigades to document fraud experts, mine clearance teams, anti-drone units, and dog sniffing teams.

Poland has confirmed its participation by sending troops, including sniffer dog handlers, while Germany announced in March its plan to contribute. Other European allies, such as Britain and Italy, will also join the effort, sending police forces to assist with patrolling duties. So far, 35 countries have responded affirmatively to France’s request.

This collaborative security approach is standard for hosting major international events, as seen during the 2023 Rugby World Cup, which involved 160 members of European security forces. Besides these broader collaborations, specific arrangements are in place with Israel and the U.S. to bring their security capabilities to the table.

Given the ongoing conflict in Gaza and its repercussions, there is a heightened focus on the security needs of the Israeli delegation, necessitating more extensive preparations for Israeli athletes than initially planned. Details on these arrangements remain undisclosed due to the sensitivity of the issue, though several Israeli teams have visited France to address potential security concerns.

Source: Reuters

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