Hurricane Beryl Threatens Six US States After Devastating Caribbean Impact

Hurricane Beryl Threatens Six US States After Devastating Caribbean Impact

Category 5 Hurricane Beryl, which has already caused significant damage and fatalities in the Caribbean, is predicted to affect six US states, including Texas and Louisiana.

Bollywood Fever: Hurricane Beryl, a ferocious category five storm, is predicted to rip through six US states, according to one terrifying model. The storm, which has already left six people dead and caused significant damage with its 165mph winds in the Caribbean, is now forecasted to impact parts of the US by the weekend.

Hurricane Beryl Threatens Six US States After Devastating Caribbean Impact

US States in Beryl’s Path

The National Hurricane Center has officially added parts of Texas into Beryl’s forecast cone, warning locals in southern areas to brace for heavy rains and gusty winds starting Monday. Additionally, hurricane expert Dr. Levi Cowan’s model suggests that Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky could also be in the storm’s path.

Spaghetti Models Indicate Potential Impact

At least five spaghetti models now indicate that the hurricane will affect the US, with most showing Texas in the firing line. One model suggests Louisiana could see some impact as well, with the potential for the storm to sweep across all six states. Dr. Cowan explained that the storm’s trajectory depends on its position by Friday, with possible paths either continuing northward or veering west into Eastern Mexico.

Hurricane Beryl Threatens Six US States After Devastating Caribbean Impact

Preparation and Response

Gulf Coast residents are being urged to keep an eye on the record-breaking storm, which is the earliest category five hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Central American basin. Preparations are underway in Jamaica, where Beryl is expected to pass near or over the island before affecting the Cayman Islands and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Jamaica’s State of Emergency

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared a state of emergency, describing the island as a disaster zone. An island-wide curfew has been imposed, and evacuation orders issued for flood-prone areas. The security forces are fully mobilized to maintain public order and assist with disaster relief efforts.

Current Status and Forecast

As of early Wednesday, Beryl was about 125 miles southeast of Kingston with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph, moving west-northwest at 20 mph. Mexico’s Caribbean coast is also bracing for impact, with civil defense agencies preparing for landfall between Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The storm is expected to weaken as it crosses the Yucatan Peninsula but may regain strength in the Gulf of Mexico before potentially hitting Veracruz or Tamaulipas near the Texas border.

Hurricane Beryl Threatens Six US States After Devastating Caribbean Impact

Caribbean Aftermath

The Caribbean islands are reeling from Beryl’s destruction. Grenada and Carriacou reported three fatalities, with significant damage to homes and businesses. St. Vincent and the Grenadines also suffered casualties and extensive damage, with Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves promising to rebuild the archipelago.

Historical Context

The last strong hurricane to hit the southeast Caribbean was Hurricane Ivan 20 years ago, which resulted in numerous fatalities in Grenada. The current impact and potential devastation from Hurricane Beryl highlight the ongoing vulnerability of the region to powerful storms.

Ongoing Monitoring

Residents in the predicted path of Hurricane Beryl are urged to stay informed and take necessary precautions as the storm’s trajectory becomes clearer. Emergency services and government agencies are on high alert, ready to respond to the potential impacts of this powerful hurricane.

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