Isabela Merced Talks Filming ‘The Last of Us’ and Juggling Hawkgirl in ‘Superman

Isabela Merced Talks Filming 'The Last of Us' and Juggling Hawkgirl in 'Superman

Isabela Merced Talks Filming ‘The Last of Us’ and Juggling Hawkgirl in ‘Superman: Legacy’ Simultaneously

In the film “Madame Web,” Isabela Merced takes on the role of Anya Corazon, a teenager who discovers she will one day develop spider-like superpowers. However, with Merced’s jam-packed production schedule in the coming months, she might find teleportation quite handy.

On Monday night, Merced dazzled on the black carpet outside the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood alongside “Madame Web” co-stars Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Celeste O’Connor for the world premiere of Sony and Marvel’s superhero movie. And by Tuesday, she’ll be boarding a flight to Vancouver, Canada, to kick off filming for HBO’s “The Last of Us,” where she’ll join the cast as Dina.

Isabela Merced Talks Filming 'The Last of Us' and Juggling Hawkgirl in 'Superman

“I’ve already had a taste,” Merced shared regarding her involvement in “The Last of Us” Season 2. She’s already been on set for production’s “Day Zero,” which precedes the official start of shooting. “That was just me and Bella [Ramsey] the whole day, and then Craig Mazin was directing. He is phenomenal. I am a huge fan. Like, we geek out about a lot of things. I taught them how to play spades. We had just the best time. I’m excited to get back there — I’m going back there tomorrow.”

Then, come March, she’ll be taking on the challenge of portraying two characters simultaneously as production begins on “Superman: Legacy” in Atlanta, Ga., where she’ll don the mantle of DC’s Hawkgirl for James Gunn. With “Madame Web” already in her repertoire, Merced joins the ranks of actors who’ve starred in both Marvel and DC projects. She’s already had her fittings for the DC character’s suit and even tried on her signature helmet.

“The paint job is impeccable,” Merced exclaimed. “I hope they finalized it — I don’t know. You never know with James Gunn, he could always change his mind last minute, and we would respect him for that.”

Playing a superhero twice does have its perks. For instance, “Madame Web” motivated Merced to hit the gym four times a week and incorporate boxing into her routine. “Preparing yourself physically is as important as preparing yourself mentally,” she emphasized.

Moreover, she’s learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t with a supersuit: “I need a little extra space in the butt area. Otherwise, you’re gonna get wedgies all day.”

But for now, Merced is focused on enjoying one last night of celebration with her fellow Spider-girls — Johnson, Sweeney, and O’Connor — especially considering how fulfilling it has been to portray a rare Latina superhero.

“I look at my nieces, I look at my little cousins, and this idea they have of me. I just feel like as long as I carry myself in a great way and do my absolute best, in an authentic way, I can be somewhat of a role model,” Merced expressed. “That sounds weird to say, but I hope so. I’ve just gotta do my best because then Hollywood will realize we can keep giving these Latinos opportunities and then more will be able to do it.”

Source: Variety


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