José Raúl Mulino Set for Victory in Panama’s Presidential Election

José Raúl Mulino Set for Victory in Panama's Presidential Election

José Raúl Mulino, standing in for disqualified ex-President Ricardo Martinelli, appeared poised for victory in Panama’s presidential election on Sunday night, with his three closest rivals conceding defeat.

José Raúl Mulino Set for Victory in Panama's Presidential Election

The 64-year-old former security minister garnered nearly 35% of the vote, giving him a nine-point lead over other candidates. He was set to assume leadership of a Central American country grappling with significant challenges and underlying discontent.

Martinelli, a charismatic but controversial figure barred from running due to a 10-year prison sentence for money laundering, endorsed Mulino, who replaced him on the ballot as the candidate for the Achieving Goals and Alliance parties.

Despite lacking Martinelli’s charisma, Mulino benefited from his ally’s popularity and the economic growth experienced under his administration. Martinelli, currently seeking asylum in the Nicaraguan Embassy, pledged his support to Mulino.

Mulino has pledged to assist Martinelli with his legal issues if elected, promote economic prosperity, and address the historic levels of migration through the Darien Gap. Additionally, he will need to tackle the economic repercussions of last year’s mass protests and a drought affecting the Panama Canal.

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