Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth have tied the knot! The joyous announcement was made by Long himself during the latest episode of his podcast, Life is Short, which aired on May 9.

Reflecting on the period they spent working together on the movie Barbarian, Long fondly shared that he began to develop feelings for Bosworth during their time in Bulgaria, where they were filming the thrilling horror film.

“I was there while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife,” he told guest Kyra Sedgwick. “She came to visit, and I had never been comfortable with… set visits. I like to separate the relationship… But, yeah, I loved having her there and we just had the most magical time.”

The 44-year-old added, “It helped me having her there. She’d help me with scenes. It was the best.” 

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Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

During an Amazon Live video on May 15, Kate Bosworth, who is 40 years old, appeared to subtly confirm the marriage by showcasing what appeared to be a wedding band alongside her engagement ring. This visual clue further solidified the news.

Back in March, the couple’s engagement was confirmed to ET, and a source close to them expressed their elation about the impending nuptials. The source revealed that both Justin Long and Kate Bosworth were overjoyed and eagerly looking forward to tying the knot. The news of their engagement brought immense happiness not only to the couple themselves but also to their loved ones, who expressed great excitement and support for the soon-to-be-married pair. The source emphasized that Long and Bosworth make an exceptional couple and that their collective enthusiasm is palpable.

Bosworth and Long first sparked engagement speculation when she wore a diamond ring on that finger to the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

In April, the couple officially confirmed the news of their engagement through an Instagram post shared by Justin Long. In the post, he expressed his excitement about having his now-fiancée, Kate Bosworth, as a guest on his podcast, @lifeisshortpodcast. Alongside a photo of them together, Long playfully mentioned that she said “YES” not only to being a guest on the podcast but also to “other slightly more life-changing questions.” He referred to Bosworth as his favorite person who had now become his favorite guest on his beloved podcast. He teased that in an upcoming episode, Bosworth would discuss her remarkable acting career, but for the time being, they focused on the events that led to her agreeing to spend her life with him, the fortunate host of the podcast.

Despite feeling vulnerable about discussing something so personal publicly, Long emphasized his commitment to honesty and praised Bosworth, referring to her as Catherine Ann Bosworth, for being a loving and secure partner. He explained that the podcast’s name, “Life is Short,” served as a reminder to live each day to the fullest, and he expressed gratitude for finding a partner who makes every day incredibly meaningful. Long cherished their shared experiences and anticipated the ones that lie ahead, emphasizing the beauty and fleeting nature of life. He also mentioned that Bosworth fills their days with laughter from the moment they wake up until they reluctantly fall asleep. Long concluded the post by expressing his love and inviting listeners to tune into the podcast.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Are Married

Bosworth also celebrated the announcement on her Instagram account, sharing a series of pictures showcasing her ring. In her post, she humorously pondered how to make the announcement in a clever manner, making references to some of her films like “Going the Distance” and “Blue Crush.” She playfully reflected on the journey to this momentous occasion and expressed her excitement and affection for her fiancé.

Bosworth and Long were first rumored to be together in 2021 when they worked together on the film House of Darkness

The pair have remained fairly private about their relationship. In April, they were spotted mid-kiss while lounging on a Hawaiian beach, which confirmed rumors of their romance for the first time. That same month, Long had gushed about his girlfriend on The Viall Files podcast — though he didn’t mention Bosworth by name, he did confirm he had found “the one.”

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