Eiza González Shares Insights on Her Challenging Tattoo Removal Journey

Mexican Actress Singer Eiza González Hot In Black

Eiza González Shares Insights on Her Challenging Tattoo Removal Journey

Bollywoodfever, March 2: Eiza Gonzalez received her inaugural tattoo at the tender age of 14, a decision she kept hidden at the time. “I got them in secret back then,” she disclosed to her social media followers. 

With age, Gonzalez has begun to reassess her ink, opting to erase those that have lost their appeal or significance. 

Over the last two years, she has been diligently working on removing a tattoo from her foot.

Mexican Actress Singer Eiza González Hot In Black

Gonzalez took to Instagram to share insights into her tattoo removal journey, which commenced in January 2021. 

The tattoo, situated on the upper part of her foot, represents love and tranquility. 

She posted an Instagram story, offering a glimpse into the challenging removal process through various photographs.

Mexican Actress Singer Eiza González Hot In Black

“The discomfort is finally manageable, and advancements in technology have reduced downtime, allowing for more frequent sessions. I’m grateful for the support in undoing my past decisions,” she expressed, showcasing the gradual disappearance of her tattoo.

In 2021, Gonzalez opened up about her motivation for removing the tattoo, cautioning against impulsive decisions. “Avoid mixing alcohol and tattoo decisions, especially when young,” she advised. This wasn’t her first experience with tattoo removal, as she had previously undergone the process in 2019.

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