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Katie Taylor experiences her first loss while Chantelle Cameron successfully defends her titles

Katie Taylor experiences her first loss while Chantelle Cameron successfully defends her titles

In a tense atmosphere in Dublin, Chantelle Cameron displayed remarkable resilience to defend her undisputed world super-lightweight titles against Katie Taylor, who had passionate supporters rallying behind her. Cameron’s victory came by way of a majority decision late on Saturday night, with scores of 96-94 twice, while the third official scored it a 95-95 draw, highlighting the closely contested nature of the bout.

Katie Taylor experiences her first loss while Chantelle Cameron successfully defends her titles

Despite the overwhelming support for Taylor with a roaring crowd of 10,000, Cameron proved to be a formidable opponent, overpowering Taylor with her strength and aggression. The electrifying match left the audience stunned and momentarily silent, only to erupt in boos directed at Cameron at the end, which was unjust considering the immense courage and skill displayed by both women.

The 3Arena was buzzing with excitement hours before the main event, as the capacity crowd celebrated the return of top-tier boxing to Ireland after a long hiatus since early 2016. In contrast, Taylor’s dressing room exuded a serene atmosphere as she had her hands wrapped, wearing a gray T-shirt with the empowering message “It is God who arms me with strength.”

Although Cameron was the defending champion, Taylor’s near-deification in Ireland led to her walking to the ring first amidst a chorus of boos. Taylor savored the euphoric reception, basking in the moment of being home. Her face gleamed with sweat and a sense of bliss as she surveyed the arena. Meanwhile, Cameron prowled in her corner, swinging her arms and shadowboxing, attempting to alleviate the tension building within her as she awaited the moment to face Taylor inside the ropes.

The introductions felt never-ending as the fighters, clad in black with gold trim, exchanged glances from their respective corners. Notably, Cameron appeared determined and ready, undeterred by her solitary position in the realm of Katie Taylor.

Cameron started aggressively, pushing Taylor backward and landing solid blows. However, Taylor responded with sharp combinations in a competitive and captivating opening round. Taylor showcased her agility in the second round, evading Cameron’s attacks, but the champion pressed on with unwavering intent. The third round commenced with Cameron attempting to overpower Taylor, but the Irishwoman displayed fluid movement and precision punches. Instead of seeking refuge on the stool, Taylor chose to stand in her corner between rounds. Cameron’s ambition remained undeterred, and her threat to Taylor became evident in the fourth round as her powerful punches intensified. For the first time in the fight, Taylor appeared somewhat worn out, with sweat-streaked and disheveled hair under the pressure exerted by Cameron.

In the fifth round, Cameron briefly cornered Taylor against the ropes, unleashing punches from various angles and inflicting punishing combinations to the body. However, the round concluded with Taylor retaliating with an overhand right and a left hook, eliciting a tremendous roar from the home crowd. Nevertheless, it became apparent by the halfway point that Taylor would need to summon her inner strength to stem Cameron’s surging momentum.

The Englishwoman landed a hard left that snapped back Taylor’s head, but soon they engaged in a fierce exchange of heavy blows in the center of the ring. Both women relentlessly battled, causing damage to each other in a back-and-forth struggle. Taylor continued to defy convention by refusing to sit at the end of the sixth round.

Round seven was intensely close, with Cameron edging it as she finished strongly, her left hook to the body repeatedly troubling Taylor. Cameron’s unwavering strength and determination persisted as the fight progressed, but towards the end of the eighth round, Taylor’s lightning-fast fists rocked Cameron, whose face had begun to swell and show signs of bruising.

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