Korean YouTuber Accused of Stabbing Rival to Death on Livestream

Korean YouTuber Accused of Stabbing Rival to Death on Livestream

A tragic incident unfolded outside a courthouse in Busan, Korea, where a Korean YouTuber lost his life after reportedly being stabbed by his YouTube rival while streaming.

The two YouTubers had been embroiled in a bitter rivalry for the past three years, marked by legal disputes and public insults against each other. Both were known bloggers who frequently shared details of their lives online.

On May 9, 2024, the victim, a YouTuber in his 50s known as ‘Joddoltv,’ was set to attend a court hearing as a victim seeking damages, intending to request a severe punishment for his adversary.

While live streaming on YouTube and discussing the case, the suspect allegedly approached him from behind and began stabbing him at 9:42 AM. Joddoltv was found in a state of cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect, who had initially fled in a car, within two hours. It was revealed that he had purchased a weapon from a local supermarket the day before.

Following the attack, the suspect made three posts on his YouTube channel. In the first, he apologized to his subscribers, but expressed his inability to forgive someone who sought to destroy others’ happiness. The second post took aim at his rival. The third confirmed his arrest in Gyeongju, expressing regret for not being able to see the ocean and thanking his followers for their support. His channel has since been removed by YouTube.

Police believe that unresolved legal issues motivated the suspect to allegedly commit the crime, but investigations are ongoing.


In the aftermath of Joddoltv’s death, viewers visited his channel to watch one of his final broadcasts and mourn his passing. The video has been viewed over 112,000 times. This tragic incident is reminiscent of a similar attack last year, where a Chinese streamer had his hand cut off during an IRL broadcast by a man wielding a sword.

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