xQc Faces Backlash for Questioning Bronny James’ Future Plans During Call of Duty Game

xQc Faces Backlash for Questioning Bronny James' Future Plans During Call of Duty Game

Basketball enthusiasts criticized xQc after the streamer questioned LeBron James‘ son, Bronny, about “getting a job” during a game of Call of Duty.

Bronny James, the eldest son of LeBron James, is poised to be one of the NBA’s future stars. However, Twitch personality xQc, also known as Felix Lengyel, appeared unaware of the 19-year-old’s basketball prowess.

During a Twitch broadcast on May 8, xQc, playing Call of Duty with Bronny James, asked him about his future plans. “Are you gonna get a job or school? What are you doing?” he inquired.

“I play basketball,” Bronny replied.

When pressed about his draft prospects, Bronny seemed unsure, stating, “I don’t know yet.”

Bronny had a respectable freshman year with the USC Trojans, averaging 4.8 points per game in the 2023-2024 season. His father, LeBron, has expressed his desire to play in the NBA with his son at some point.

xQc’s question sparked a social media frenzy, with many viewers surprised by his apparent lack of knowledge about LeBron’s son.

” xQc is the definition of living in your own bubble,” one viewer criticized.

“This man does NOT know ball. Bro bouta get drafted,” another commented.

“He was talking to him like a guidance counselor for a second,” joked another viewer.

Even if Bronny doesn’t pursue an NBA career, he could find success in streaming. Despite his last Twitch stream being three years ago, the basketball prodigy has impressive gaming skills and joined FaZe Clan in 2020.

During a CoD event against xQc, Bronny impressed fans, scoring a game-winning frag against Lengyel to close out a map.

Whether Bronny makes it to the NBA remains to be seen. He has been invited to the 2024 NBA Draft Combine and must decide whether to accept the invitation or return to the NCAA by May 12.

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