Maidaan Box Office Performance: A Detailed Look at the First Week Collections


The Ajay Devgn starrer “Maidaan” has completed its first week at the box office with notable fluctuations in its day-to-day earnings. The movie kicked off its release on a Wednesday, bringing in ₹2.6 crores on its opening day, and wrapped up the week with a total domestic net collection of ₹28.35 crores.

Quick Read:

  • Opening Day: “Maidaan” started its box office journey with ₹2.6 Cr on a Wednesday.
  • First Week Total: Net collection in India amounted to ₹28.35 Cr after the first week.
  • Day-to-Day Fluctuations: Notable daily changes included a significant drop on the first Friday (-38.89%) and a major rise on the first Saturday (+109.09%).
  • Weekend Boost: Collections peaked over the weekend, with Sunday earnings hitting ₹6.4 Cr.
  • Weekday Dip: Sharp decline on the first Monday with only ₹1.5 Cr, a 76.56% fall from Sunday.
  • Overall Performance:
    • India Net Collection: ₹28.35 Cr
    • Worldwide Collection: ₹40.5 Cr
    • Overseas Collection: ₹6.75 Cr
    • India Gross Collection: ₹33.75 Cr
  • Continued Trends: The film experienced a drop on the second Thursday to ₹1.25 Cr, reflecting typical mid-week declines.

Maidaan Box Office Collection Week 1

The breakdown of daily collections presents a rollercoaster of earnings, starting with a strong second day (first Thursday) where collections rose to ₹4.5 crores. However, the following day saw a sharp decline of 38.89%, bringing the collection down to ₹2.75 crores on the first Friday. The weekend proved beneficial for “Maidaan” as Saturday recorded a significant jump of 109.09%, amassing ₹5.75 crores, followed by a further increase on Sunday to ₹6.4 crores, marking an 11.30% rise.

The start of the new week saw a dramatic dip, with Monday’s earnings plummeting by 76.56% to ₹1.5 crores. Tuesday showed a slight recovery with a 6.67% increase to ₹1.6 crores, and the week concluded with ₹2 crores on Wednesday, reflecting a 25% gain from the previous day. The film faced another downturn on the second Thursday, with collections decreasing by 37.50% to ₹1.25 crores.

After the first week, “Maidaan” posted a total net collection in India of ₹28.35 crores. The film’s global appeal is evident from its worldwide collection, which stands at ₹40.5 crores, supplemented by an overseas collection of ₹6.75 crores. The gross collection in India reached ₹33.75 crores, showcasing the film’s performance on both domestic and international platforms.

The fluctuating box office numbers highlight the dynamic response from audiences, with weekends showing stronger performance relative to weekdays, a typical trend for many major releases. “Maidaan” will look to maintain its momentum in its second week amidst growing competition and varying audience interests.

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