Meet the gamer that raised $400K for Texas transgender rights

Meet the gamer that raised $400K for Texas transgender rights

Meet the gamer that raised $400K for Texas transgender rights

Rue Dickey, a game designer, sells tabletop role-playing games (including vampire bachelors and lesbian was wolves) to raise funds for trans advocates.

Rue Dickey, a Corvallis resident, stated that they felt helpless as transgender people watching Texas officials investigate parents with trans children.

Dickey, who uses the pronouns “they” or “he”, said that they were having a “bit of a crisis” at work as marketers when Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott directed the state child protective services agency to investigate child abuse allegations against parents of transgender children suspected of receiving gender-affirming care. (The investigations have been stopped by a judge.

Dickey, 25 years old, wanted to do something for trans youth and their families.

They said that the lack of things they could do together was overwhelming. Dickey also designed a tabletop role-playing game and remembered that (a website that sells indie games) held fundraisers to support racial justice, Palestinian relief, and, more recently, people in Ukraine.

Interactive tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons are interactive.

Players sit at a table and describe their characters’ actions, which impact the rest.

The game master usually represents the game’s setting and uses rules to guide the players.

Dickey has been playing and writing the games for over ten years.

Meet the gamer that raised $400K for Texas transgender rights

He decided to get together other game designers to create a bundle of games on that would benefit two small groups of Texas support trans people: the Transgender Education Network of Texas and the Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas.

The bundle they made contains 493 games by 300 designers and is available for purchase until April 3. The item is valued at over $2,700 and can be purchased through the fundraiser for $5.

The bundle was launched on March 2, and Dickey stated that they originally set the goal of $1,000.

Within 45 minutes, the goal was met. They increased the goal to $5,000 and were quickly surpassed once again.

They went to sleep, and the fund was $11,000 the next morning. They have since increased their goal seven times to $420,000. That had brought in nearly $394,000.

Dickey stated that she has cried “probably a dozen times”. They said that representatives from both organizations were “super excited” about the event.

“When I first reached them, I was like, “Hey, we hope to give you at most $5K each,” and now every time that I email them, they are like, “Hey, just an updated, you’re now getting $170,000 each now,” they laughed.

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