Melissa Stratton Criticizes Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

Melissa Stratton Criticizes Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

Melissa Stratton Criticizes Hot Ones Host Sean Evans for Valentine’s Day Split

Adult film star Melissa Stratton spoke out against her ex-boyfriend, Hot Ones host Sean Evans, following their sudden breakup on Valentine’s Day after they went public at the Super Bowl.

In a post on X, she wrote, “‘Don’t try to date a 🌽⭐️ if you actually hate 🌽…'” along with a link to an article about their split, with the corn emoji seemingly representing ‘porn.’

Evans, 37, ended the relationship with Melissa Stratton, 34, over the phone on Valentine’s Day due to the media attention they were receiving. Allegedly, he had expressed a desire to keep their relationship private.

Melissa Stratton Criticizes Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

Stratton was taken aback by the breakup, believing they had a genuine connection. She also questioned the reason for Evans’ decision, as she claimed to have received his approval to post photos of them from the Super Bowl.

According to TMZ, Stratton found the breakup puzzling for several reasons. Evans had invited her to the Super Bowl and other public events in Las Vegas, where they were seen together before the football game.

A source told TMZ, “‘Sean was fine with Melissa posting photos of them from their Super Bowl adventures in Las Vegas… another reason she was caught off guard here.'”

Although saddened by the breakup, Stratton suspected that Evans felt pressure from his side after their relationship became public. They began messaging in November 2023 and met in person later that year.

Stratton’s second Instagram account, @mstrattonx, indicates that she follows Evans. Despite not posting any photos of them together, Stratton was seen smiling behind Evans and Zed at a Las Vegas nightclub.

Despite her sadness, Stratton responded to the breakup with a TikTok video, which is gaining traction on Instagram with the caption, “‘It’s ok I’ve got a better bald man to get spicy with @mosttalentedbaldman.'”

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