Morgpie Faces Twitch Ban Following Controversial ‘Topless’ Meta, Igniting Community Backlash

Morgpie Faces Twitch Ban Following Controversial 'Topless' Meta, Igniting Community Backlash

Streamer, cosplayer, and OnlyFans creator ‘Morgpie‘ has faced a Twitch ban following her participation in the platform’s controversial ‘topless meta.’ Twitch has witnessed various trends, from hot tub streams to ASMR broadcasts, each met with mixed reactions and frustration from certain viewers due to concerns about adherence to the platform’s content guidelines.

Morgpie Faces Twitch Ban Following Controversial 'Topless' Meta, Igniting Community Backlash

Despite Twitch introducing a specific category called ‘Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches,’ some users remain dissatisfied with how certain broadcasters navigate the guidelines for acceptable content. The latest trend making waves on Twitch involves female streamers adopting a ‘topless’ meta, strategically framing the camera just above sensitive areas. This trend gained prominence through the actions of ‘Morgpie,’ a cosplayer and OnlyFans creator who also broadcasts on Twitch. However, her participation in this controversial meta has resulted in a Twitch ban.

Morgpie faced a Twitch ban just three days after her stream gained widespread attention. While Twitch refrains from providing details on individual bans, her channel displays a message stating, “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Twitch Guidlines

Twitch’s Community Guidelines on Adult Nudity explicitly forbid female-presenting individuals from showcasing “breasts with exposed nipples,” except in cases where they are “actively breastfeeding a child.”

The duration of Morgpie’s ban remains uncertain. As of the current writing, the streamer has not directly addressed the ban. However, she has taken to Twitter/X to contact Twitch Support, inquiring about the amount of money raised during a charity stream conducted before her suspension.

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