MrBeast Calls on Billionaires to Support His Philanthropic YouTube Channel


Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is urging billionaires to use their “unfathomable wealth” to help create content for his philanthropic YouTube channel.

MrBeast, a YouTube icon, is seeking to recruit the wealthiest individuals for his ‘Beast Philanthropy’ charity, where all profits are dedicated to helping others.

Since its launch in 2021, the Beast Philanthropy channel has produced 42 videos showcasing MrBeast and his team performing good deeds, such as building a school, giving away $30 million in free food, and helping amputees walk again.

However, the YouTuber has bigger plans and is now seeking the assistance of billionaires to create even more impactful charitable content.

“Hey billionaires! I’d love to take some of your unfathomable wealth and use it to complete whatever philanthropic project that matters to you for a video on our Beast Philanthropy channel!” he said in a post on X. “One hundred percent of all the revenue on this channel goes back into the charity.”

It is currently unknown if any billionaires have privately responded to MrBeast’s request, but his call for help coincides with Donaldson’s main channel nearing the top spot for the most subscribers on YouTube, potentially attracting interest from the rich and famous.

He currently has 257 million followers and aims to surpass Indian record company T-Series, which holds the top spot at 265 million, in the race to 300 million.

One potential billionaire MrBeast may reach out to is X owner Elon Musk, who jokingly agreed to give the social media company to the YouTuber if he ever died “under mysterious circumstances.”

Elon even defended Donaldson in 2023 when he faced criticism for a charity video where he helped 1000 deaf people hear again. “I’m always looking (for) ways to donate money that are actually good. Perhaps this is one,” he said at the time.

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