Mysterious Disappearances: 21-Year-Old Woman and 2-Year-Old Child Missing on Same Day

Mysterious Disappearances: 21-Year-Old Woman and 2-Year-Old Child Missing on Same Day

Multiple agencies investigate the strange disappearances of Nadia Cole, 21, last seen leaving Sea-Tac airport, and a 2-year-old child from Pullman, both missing since May 29. Connections between the cases are being explored.

Pullman, Washington: Multiple agencies are investigating the mysterious disappearances of a 21-year-old woman last seen leaving Sea-Tac airport on May 29 and a missing 2-year-old child from Pullman. Both went missing on the same day, and there may be a connection between the two cases.

The Port of Seattle police are searching for Nadia Cole, 21, who was supposed to board an international flight with her parents on May 29. Cole was last seen exiting the airport via the light rail.

Additionally, the 2-year-old child of Cole’s fiancé is missing from Pullman, and there is now a warrant for his arrest in connection with the case. Investigators believe Cole and the child’s father, Aaron Aung of Moscow, Idaho, might be traveling together.

Cole’s mother said they were planning to travel to Italy to celebrate Cole’s recent graduation from Washington State University. While waiting to board their flight, Cole went to the bathroom, leaving most of her belongings, including her phone, behind, but never returned. Surveillance footage shows Cole leaving the airport alone and boarding a light rail train around 3 p.m.

Mysterious Disappearances: 21-Year-Old Woman and 2-Year-Old Child Missing on Same Day

Port of Seattle officials confirm Cole was seen on surveillance walking out of the airport unaccompanied, and there was no indication she was being led or forced to leave. “We’re all just really confused,” Cole’s friend, Korin Urtezuela, told. “We don’t know what was going on in her head, but all we care about is her safety and at the very least, knowing that she’s okay.”

Cole’s mother said she got off at the University Street stop and was seen walking west towards the water in downtown Seattle around 4 p.m.

Simultaneously, Pullman police, Moscow police, and the FBI are investigating the disappearance of a 2-year-old girl, Seraya Aung-Harmon, the daughter of Cole’s fiancé. The FBI confirmed to the News that they are assisting Pullman police with the missing child investigation.

Mysterious Disappearances: 21-Year-Old Woman and 2-Year-Old Child Missing on Same Day

According to police, the child was last seen with her father. Authorities stated the two traveled to Flathead, Montana, for a fishing trip but did not return.

The child’s mother, Samara Harmon, said she last saw her daughter on May 29 when she dropped her off with Aung during a custody exchange at the Pullman Police Department. Harmon later learned Aung took their daughter out of state and discovered both were missing when she went to pick her daughter up on June 3, but they never showed.

“I physically felt my heart hit the floor, and I felt pain and fear and confusion like I’ve never felt coursing through my whole body,” Harmon said. “I just didn’t know how to process it. I was kind of just trying to figure out what had happened, where she was, why she was ever in Montana, why I hadn’t been told about this beforehand.”

Police have since issued an arrest warrant for Aung for custodial interference in the first degree.

Harmon said Aung has withheld their daughter from her before, the longest being two weeks. She also learned of her daughter’s and Cole’s disappearances around the same time while waiting to pick up her daughter on Monday.

“When they had said that she was missing, my mind immediately went to, ‘Oh my god, is she okay?’ Like, where could she be? It was immediate fear for her,” Harmon said.

Meanwhile, a $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Cole’s safe return.

“As her friends, it’s like, we just don’t know what’s going on, and it’s out of character for her,” Cole’s friend, Maizie Tucker, said. “It just makes it more complicated and more scary.”

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