New EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC Tokens Linked to ‘Epic Satoshi’ Sold for 33.3 BTC

New EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC Tokens Linked to 'Epic Satoshi' Sold for 33.3 BTC

Onchain data reveals that the ‘epic satoshi’ sold for 33.3 BTC has been inscribed and is now associated with a newly minted Runes protocol coin named “EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC.” The freshly introduced EPIC runes tokens have already begun trading, reaching a market capitalization of $88 million by 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.

New EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC Tokens Linked to 'Epic Satoshi' Sold for 33.3 BTC

The ‘epic satoshi’ was initially mined by the mining pool Viabtc during the fourth halving event and was subsequently auctioned for 33.3 BTC or $2.13 million. This ‘epic sat,’ also identified as 1,968,750,000,000,000, was officially inscribed this weekend at 3:24 a.m. ET on Sunday, featuring an audio-visual message from the “Epic Blob Army,” identified on X as @bookofblob.

The inscription of the ‘epic satoshi’ was connected to a Runes token mint that produced 1 billion “EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC” tokens, with 950 million of the tokens premined. Currently, the Runes-based EPIC token is trading at $0.09 or 138 sats per coin. It ranks as the second most traded Runes token on Magic Eden and the third most traded on Okx’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. The EPIC tokens have generated just over $850,000 in trade volume since their initial listing.

The launch of the EPIC token mint also led to an increase in onchain BTC fees early Sunday morning, as observed by Mononaut from the blockchain explorer Mononaut commented on the rise, stating, “If you’re wondering why fees pumped again, it’s because whoever bought the ‘epic halving sat’ for 33.3 BTC last week just etched a rune into it. The rune is 95% premined (lol), but the remaining 5% just minted out across 100,000 transactions.”

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