No, It’s not Amy Schumer who fell in the viral video

No, It's not Amy Schumer who fell in the viral video

No, It’s not Amy Schumer who fell in the viral video

Dispel the rumors! Amy Schumer’s alleged hospitalization, stemming from a viral TikTok trend video showing a woman resembling her falling down stairs, has been debunked. Despite the convincing clip circulating on social media, the acclaimed comedian and actress has not been admitted to a medical facility.

No, It's not Amy Schumer who fell in the viral video

Amy Schumer, known for her comedic prowess and Hollywood presence, including her Emmy-award-winning role in “Trainwreck,” remains unharmed. The misinformation, initiated by a satirical X page @LyricVault, falsely claimed Schumer’s hospitalization. Notably, the page specializes in satire, emphasizing that its content is purely for laughs and not rooted in factual information.

The video in question, featuring a woman dancing on stairs and taking a fall, does not conclusively depict Schumer, as her face is not clearly visible. Importantly, Schumer did not share the video on her social media platforms, further confirming its lack of authenticity.

Community notes from X affirm that the actress did not suffer injuries or require hospitalization. Clarifying the nature of @LyricVault‘s post, X stated, “The account that shared this post makes satire headlines, and the one in this post is not factual.”

Amy Schumer is not the sole celebrity targeted by such misleading narratives, as the same social media page falsely claimed that pigeons injured model Kendall Jenner.

The video’s context reveals that the woman on the stairs was participating in TikTok’s Stair Challenge, introduced in 2020 and gaining popularity with over 250 million views. Schumer, recognized for her candidness with fans about her personal life, has not encountered recent hospitalization, as confirmed by reliable sources.

Despite Schumer’s past revelations about cosmetic procedures and surgeries, she remains unaffected by the viral fall video. It’s crucial to discern fact from fiction and rely on credible information to accurately assess the well-being of public figures like Amy Schumer.

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