Pankaj Tripathi: Struggled for 14 years to make my own identity

Actor Pankaj Tripathi, who is shooting in a small town of Uttar Pradesh for his next “Kaagaz”, says he has faced struggles in his life and added that it took him over a decade to make his own identity in the film industry.

“Kaagaz” is based on the real life of a farmer named Bharat Lal also known as Lal Bihari from a small town in Bihar. He struggled for 18 years to establish his identity. It took him 18 years of legal battle to establish his identity and to acquire his land and property legally.

“After reading the first draft of the (film’s) script without hesitation I agreed to step into the shoes of Bharat Lal. While reading the script I could easily relate the trauma and hardships Bharat Lal could have gone through for 18 years. Like Bharat Lal, I too struggled for 14 years to make my own identity in Bollywood,” Pankaj said in a statement.

Coming from a background of farmers in Patna, Pankaj understands the importance of land for a farmer.

He added: “Before trying my hand at acting I use to cultivate my own land with my father. After passing out of the National School of Drama, I spent many years doing small time roles in Bollywood.

“It took 14 years to shape my destiny, in this whole process I never lose hope and kept on struggling till I carved out my own path in this industry. I have my own experience of long battle in Bollywood, experience of joy, sorrows and achievements the way Bharat Lal has his own tale to tell,”

“Kaagaz” is directed by Satish Kaushik. Other details related to the film are still under wraps.


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