Pierce Brosnan, Former James Bond Star, Ordered to Court on Two Charges with Possible Jail Time

Pierce Brosnan, Former James Bond Star, Ordered to Court on Two Charges with Possible Jail Time

Actor Pierce Brosnan, known for his role as James Bond, is facing the possibility of up to six months in jail for allegedly trespassing into restricted areas of Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

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The U.S. District Court charged Brosnan on Tuesday, accusing him of entering a thermal area at Mammoth Terraces, as per court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun. The charges include “foot travel in a thermal area” and a “closure violation” for entering a restricted zone within the iconic national park last month.

Pierce Brosnan, Former James Bond Star, Ordered to Court on Two Charges with Possible Jail Time

Brosnan has not yet entered a plea for the two charges, which are categorized as “petty offenses.” He is expected to appear in a Wyoming court on January 23.

Yellowstone National Park, known for its inherent dangers, designates specific areas for visitors to walk and hike, with others marked strictly off-limits. If found guilty, Brosnan could face a jail term of up to six months and a fine of up to $5,000, according to the Daily Mail.

The court takes such offenses seriously, as evidenced by a recent case where a woman was jailed for seven days, fined $2,000, and banned from the national park for two years after ignoring signs and entering hazardous thermal areas.

Yellowstone National Park spans Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and its dangers are underscored by incidents such as the discovery of a man’s foot in a hot spring last year, taking authorities two months to identify him. In 2016, the remains of a man who died in a hot spring accident were dissolved before recovery efforts could be made. Colin Scott, 23, lost his life after venturing off the boardwalk near the Pork Chop Geyser, recording the tragic incident on his sister’s phone. The only remnants found were parts of his wallet and a metal necklace.

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