PinkyDoll Accuses Industry of Imitating Her NPC Style, Sparks Debate


TikTok influencer PinkyDoll calls out others in the industry for “copying” her unique NPC content style, igniting discussions on originality and credit in the digital creator space.

Renowned NPC TikToker, PinkyDoll, recently took to social media to accuse the entire industry of imitating her distinctive style.

As a prominent figure among NPC content creators, PinkyDoll singled out one particular influencer for mimicking her unique flair.

“You have this one girl who makes her whole career about ‘yee-ha, gotta f*ck a cowgirl.’ It’s funny that you don’t give me credits for it, that you get inspired by me!” PinkyDoll voiced in her widely-shared TikTok rant.


She further lamented how her AI slang in video games is universally adopted by other content creators without acknowledging her influence.

“Yo, I’m sick of people going viral copying my style, and don’t give me credits about it,” she expressed her frustration.

PinkyDoll also accused a specific, though unnamed, influencer of using an AI-generated image that bore a striking resemblance to her own, as a tactic for attracting views.

In her declaration against the industry’s mimicry of her work, PinkyDoll confidently announced her return, ready to reclaim her position.

“Y’all about to be pressed, because PinkyDoll is back at it,” she proclaimed.

Following her public outcry, some fans have pointed out similarities between PinkyDoll’s work and that of other creators like Cherry Crush and Nyane, suggesting that the borrowing of styles may be more reciprocal than initially claimed.

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