Gixxer Brah YouTube Star Pleads Guilty to High-Speed Motorcycle Stunts

Gixxer Brah YouTube Star Pleads Guilty to High-Speed Motorcycle Stunts

Rendon Dietzmann, known as ‘Gixxer Brah’ on YouTube, faces legal consequences after his high-speed motorcycle challenges, including a 200mph stunt, lead to a guilty plea and potential impacts on his career and driving privileges.

Rendon Dietzmann, known as ‘Gixxer Brah’ on YouTube, entered a guilty plea following the viral spread of videos that showed him participating in extreme speed stunts, including a challenge where he reached 200mph on his motorcycle. 

Gixxer Brah YouTube Star Pleads Guilty to High-Speed Motorcycle Stunts

This led to law enforcement issuing an arrest warrant and initiating a search for Dietzmann, culminating in his arrest on February 7. 

He faced charges for several misdemeanors and traffic offenses, such as menacing and reckless endangerment.

The Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office reports that Dietzmann, 32, has agreed to a plea bargain, admitting to charges of speed exhibition. 

Consequently, he is mandated to pay a fine of up to $300, in addition to court fees and the expenses associated with his extradition back to Colorado, totaling $1996.

Included in his plea agreement is a 14-day incarceration period, which he has already completed as part of this case. 

However, a significant component of his sentence could affect his YouTube career and mobility, including a 12-point deduction from his driver’s license. 

Additionally, Dietzmann is banned from driving in Colorado.

Dietzmann’s plea agreement will be formalized on April 23. 

Despite the potential impacts on his life and online presence, Dietzmann seems unfazed by the legal proceedings. 

His latest YouTube upload, posted just three days ago, features news reports about his legal issues. 

A comment under the video praised the arrest warrant for providing a “badass intro” for his videos, a viewpoint Dietzmann concurred with, indicating his nonchalant attitude towards the situation.

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