Rebecca Grossman Found Guilty of Murder in the Deaths of Two Young Brothers

Rebecca Grossman Found Guilty of Murder in the Deaths of Two Young Brothers

BollywoodFever, February 24: In a packed Van Nuys courtroom on Friday, a jury delivered a verdict of guilty against Rebecca Grossman for the murder of two young brothers tragically killed while crossing a street in Westlake Village, struck by her speeding Mercedes. 

This conclusion marks the end of a legal saga that gained global attention, notably due to Grossman’s prominence as a co-founder of the Grossman Burn Foundation alongside her husband, Dr. Peter Grossman.

The jury, consisting of nine men and three women, convicted Grossman on two counts of murder, two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, and one count of hit and run in the 2020 deaths of Mark and Jacob Iskander, aged 11 and 8. Grossman now faces a sentence of 34 years to life in prison, with her next court appearance scheduled for April 10 for sentencing.

Nancy Iskander, the boys’ mother, expressed relief after the verdict was announced, stating, “My family has been waiting for this for three and a half years now. I give glory to God.”

In response to the unexpected verdict, Grossman’s lead attorney, Tony Buzbee, vowed to appeal the decision.

As the guilty verdict was pronounced, emotions ran high in the courtroom. Grossman’s daughter, Alexis, cried out in distress, while tears streamed down her face.

Rebecca Grossman Found Guilty of Murder in the Deaths of Two Young Brothers

 Rebecca Grossman, visibly shaken, turned towards her daughter in an attempt to offer comfort, while Peter Grossman embraced Alexis.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino emphasized the need for justice without delay, and Grossman was promptly handcuffed by a deputy.

Alexis Grossman’s anguish intensified as her mother was taken into custody, with Grossman pleading for her daughter’s composure before being escorted out of the courtroom.

Throughout the six-week trial, contrasting narratives of Grossman and the fatal collision emerged. Deputy District Attorney Jamie Castro asserted that the incident was not a tragic accident but an act of murder. In contrast, Buzbee repeatedly redirected blame towards former Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, alleging his involvement in the crash.

Despite Erickson’s denial of wrongdoing, prosecutors maintained that Grossman, after consuming cocktails with Erickson, engaged in a reckless race along Triunfo Canyon Road, resulting in the fatal collision. 

Castro emphasized Grossman’s history of speeding and asserted that she demonstrated conscious disregard for human life, even continuing to drive for a third of a mile after the collision before her vehicle’s safety features deactivated it.

However, throughout the trial, Buzbee persistently directed attention towards Erickson, who was identified as the first vehicle to pass through the crosswalk. 

According to crash reconstruction experts called by the defense, Erickson’s Mercedes struck the boys initially, propelling Mark onto the hood of Grossman’s vehicle.

The tragic incident occurred around 7 p.m. on September 29, 2020, as Nancy Iskander and her three sons approached the crosswalk. Iskander, accompanied by her sons Zachary, Mark, and Jacob, began to cross Triunfo Canyon Road at Saddle Mountain Drive. Despite Iskander’s efforts to ensure their safety, tragedy struck.

Iskander recounted during the trial that she heard the roar of engines and witnessed a black SUV speeding towards the intersection. Swiftly, she maneuvered out of harm’s way, pulling Zachary to safety. However, a white Mercedes SUV closely trailed the black vehicle. As it traversed the crosswalk, Iskander heard a harrowing collision, resulting in the loss of her two oldest boys.

Jacob was discovered near the curb approximately 50 feet from the crosswalk, while Mark’s body was found 254 feet away. Prosecutors alleged that Grossman accelerated to 81 mph before lightly braking and ultimately striking the brothers at 73 mph, as indicated by the car’s data recorder and Mark’s distance from the crosswalk. 

Conversely, Buzbee’s experts contested the reliability of this data, suggesting that Grossman was traveling at 52 mph based on post-collision footage.

Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould expressed satisfaction that the Erickson argument did not overshadow the jury’s focus. 

He emphasized the significance of obtaining justice for the Iskander family and the community of Westlake Village.

Following the verdict, Karim Iskander, the boys’ father, expressed gratitude towards the jury for their discernment and perseverance. 

Nancy Iskander extended appreciation to the prosecutors for their diligent efforts, acknowledging the beginning of their healing journey.

While the Iskander family believed justice was served, Nancy Iskander emphasized that witnessing Grossman’s apprehension did not bring her joy. 

She conveyed empathy towards Grossman’s children and stressed the importance of closure in the aftermath of such a heartbreaking ordeal.

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