Robin Wright talks returning for #HouseofCards’ final season without Kevin Spacey

Flagship Netflix series “House of Cards” is coming to an end with its sixth season, and star Robin Wright commented on its return sans Kevin Spacey at the season premiere Monday.

“We are all such a tight-knit family on that show,” she said. “Everyone was so dedicated to making the best of ‘House of Cards.’ And what that meant was, we gotta close this out, give the fans what they want, close out the story, come to a conclusion. [Claire Underwood] was always meant to be the first female president. And more importantly, why not give these people who had jobs their security that they expect and deserve?”

The Golden Globe winner added that she wasn’t unhappy to say goodbye to her character.

“It’s always good to say goodbye to a character,” the “Justice League” actress said. “And this is six years of somebody.”

And Wright doesn’t think Underwood is mean, despite what some might say: “No, she’s really efficient!”

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