Sophia Bush Reflects on Marriage Struggles and Personal Growth in an Interview

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush has opened up about her recent marriage and divorce from Grant Hughes, sharing her deep personal struggles and realizations in a candid Glamour magazine cover story published on Thursday, April 25.

Sophia Bush
Glamour Magazine

Bush revealed that she almost called off her wedding in April 2022 but chose to commit further to her relationship instead. “In April of 2022 I was close to calling off my wedding. Instead of running away, I doubled down on being a model wife,” Bush wrote. The following year, when her then-husband celebrated their first anniversary on Instagram, Bush experienced a stark reaction. “In 2023 my now ex-husband posted a lovely tribute to our first anniversary on Instagram. When I saw it, I felt the blood drain from my face.”

Despite the congratulatory comments online, Bush felt detached and pressured by the expectations of social media. “Things hadn’t been easy at home, but everyone says marriage is hard, right? As the day wore on, I felt mounting pressure from strangers online waiting for me to post something — what a strange part of public life to have to navigate — so I sat myself down and chose a picture,” she explained. The emotional dissonance led her to a moment of physical reaction: “I hit post. And then I walked into the bathroom and threw up.”

Bush expressed her internal conflict through a metaphorical black-and-white photograph used in her anniversary post. “It was a black-and-white photograph of us running away from the camera,” she described. “I wrote a really nice story about the people in that picture. Except it was just that: a story. I typed something about how incredibly happy I was and tried to drown out the familiar voice in my head. Make it look easy. Make it look perfect. If your smile is shiny enough, maybe no one will notice that up close all of your teeth are broken. But sometimes broken is just broken.”

Initially dismissing her doubts as cold feet, Bush felt the universe was trying to send her a message, which she ignored. “Maybe I was too sensitive. Maybe this was the feeling you get when you settle down later in life and have to make space for another person,” she continued. Despite these misgivings, she followed through with the wedding, which she remembers fondly: “We threw one of the greatest wedding weekends ever. We had an amazing time with our closest friends and family. It was truly one of the best parties I’ve ever been to, and we raised a ton of money for charity. I don’t regret any of that.”

However, the post-wedding period was marked by a challenging fertility journey, which became a profound and clarifying experience for Bush. “But after the wedding I found myself in the depths and heartbreak of the fertility process, which was the most clarifying experience of my life.”

Her marital challenges compounded when she felt isolated during fertility treatments. “Six months into that journey, I think I knew deep down that I absolutely had made a mistake. It would take my head and heart a while longer to understand what my bones already knew,” Bush shared.

Her return to acting in the play “2:22 A Ghost Story” in London offered a healing escape, but her health soon demanded her attention. “It was grueling, and it was also the most exhilarating experience. I loved every second of it.” Yet, illness forced her to prioritize her well-being: “It was clear that my body was screaming, and I had to listen. It was hard for me to accept. I was part of a team,” she wrote. “But I needed to go home, where my doctors (and, truthfully, my health insurance) could get a better handle on my symptoms. My time in London was over. So was my marriage. It all came crashing down at once.”

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