Tom Brady NFT Fetches $40k in Anticipation of Super Bowl Releases Endorsed by Joe Montana and John Elway

Tom Brady NFT Fetches $40k in Anticipation of Super Bowl Releases Endorsed by Joe Montana and John Elway

Dapper Lab’s NFL All Day digital collectibles brand seems to have gained momentum heading into Super Bowl weekend.

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During the NFL playoffs in January, the web3 firm’s sports-themed digital collectible brand, NFL All Day, released promotional packs of NFTs. 

This move appears to have boosted the collection’s profile, leading to several high-profile sales, including a Tom Brady NFT that sold for over $40,000, as reported by the company. 

Tom Brady NFT Fetches $40k in Anticipation of Super Bowl Releases Endorsed by Joe Montana and John Elway

Another NFT featuring quarterback Aaron Rodgers fetched $34,000, according to Dapper Labs.

While NFL All Day, a collection of video highlights traded on an open marketplace, hasn’t reached the heights of Dapper Labs’ first sports-themed NFT collection, NBA Top Shot, which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly sales volume in late 2021, it has still amassed nearly $10 million in cumulative sales since the NFL’s regular season began in September, according to data from CryptoSlam!

Capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl, Dapper Labs is promoting special drops to coincide with the event. 

These NFTs feature iconic moments from the careers of legendary Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks such as Joe Montana and John Elway. 

Notably, Dapper Labs has enlisted the help of these two Hall of Fame inductees to endorse the digital collectibles, with both Montana and Elway appearing in promos posted to NFL All Day’s X account.

As the Super Bowl approaches, with the San Francisco 49ers set to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas, the event and its surrounding festivities represent one of the largest marketing opportunities in the U.S. each year.

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