Vatican Reaffirms Stance on Gender, Surrogacy, and Life Issues in New ‘Dignitas infinita’ Declaration

Vatican Reaffirms Stance on Gender, Surrogacy, and Life Issues in New 'Dignitas infinita' Declaration

Vatican Reaffirms Stance on Gender, Surrogacy, and Life Issues in New ‘Dignitas infinita’ Declaration

On Monday, the Vatican reiterated its stance against gender transitioning, the ideology of gender, and the use of surrogate mothers, in addition to its well-established opposition to abortion and euthanasia. This clarification comes four months after the Vatican signaled its support for blessing same-sex unions.

The declaration, titled “Dignitas infinita” (Infinite Dignity), was issued by the Vatican’s doctrinal office, following significant opposition from conservative factions, particularly in Africa, to its previous document addressing LGBT issues. 

Vatican Reaffirms Stance on Gender, Surrogacy, and Life Issues in New 'Dignitas infinita' Declaration

Although the declaration, which identifies perceived threats to human dignity, has been in development for five years and does not directly address the controversy surrounding same-sex blessings, it has seen considerable revisions during this time. 

Pope Francis endorsed the final text, which was broadened at his behest to include issues like “poverty, the situation of migrants, violence against women, human trafficking, war, and other themes,” according to Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, head of the doctrinal office.

The document criticized surrogate motherhood as a violation of the dignity of both the child and the surrogate mother, echoing Pope Francis’s condemnation of the practice as “despicable” and his call for a worldwide prohibition.

Regarding gender theory, which the declaration suggests promotes a self-determination that challenges the intrinsic truth of human life as a gift, it is described as succumbing to the temptation to usurp God’s place. Gender theory, often criticized by opponents as “gender ideology,” argues for a more nuanced and fluid understanding of gender beyond simply male and female.

The document also addressed gender transitioning, stating that such interventions generally pose a threat to the unique dignity bestowed from conception. It acknowledged surgeries to correct “genital abnormalities” but clarified that these do not equate to the gender transitions addressed in the text.

Moreover, the declaration condemned the imprisonment, torture, and execution of individuals based solely on their sexual orientation, highlighting it as a violation of human dignity.

The Vatican’s document also reaffirmed its condemnation of abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty, citing statements from Pope Francis, his predecessors, and previous Vatican texts. It further addressed sexual abuse, violence against women, cyberbullying, and other forms of online abuse as significant threats to human dignity, noting the prevalence of sexual abuse in society, including within the Church itself.

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