Wendy Williams’ Son Faces Eviction and Legal Challenges Amidst Her Health and Financial Turmoil

Kevin Hunter Jr.

Wendy Williams’ Son Faces Eviction and Legal Challenges Amidst Her Health and Financial Turmoil

Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., found himself in a financial predicament when he received an eviction notice for failing to pay February’s rent on his upscale Miami apartment.

The 23-year-old, son of the 59-year-old television personality and her former spouse Kevin Hunter, had accumulated over $4,317.08 in overdue rent, as reported by Page Six. Documents reveal that since September 15, 2023, Kevin Jr. was contracted to pay a monthly rent of $3,713, against which he initially secured the lease with a deposit exceeding $7,000.

Legal filings from March 5 indicated that the case against Kevin Jr. was dismissed, suggesting the resolution of the unpaid rent.

Previously, in December 2022, Kevin Jr. faced eviction from a $2 million luxury apartment in Miami, along with a lawsuit for $70,000 in unpaid rent, reportedly due to Wendy Williams’ inability to continue financial support following medical and legal challenges.

The lawsuit, filed in February 2022, emerged amidst Wendy Williams’ health issues, leading to the court’s control over her finances after her accounts with Wells Fargo were frozen in January.

Reports from the US Sun highlighted an eviction suit filed in August, containing Kevin Jr.’s lease documentation. It detailed Wendy Williams’ upfront payment for a year’s rent and additional fees, totaling over $100,000. The lease, commencing in March 2021 and concluding in February of the current year, was extended on a month-to-month basis upon its expiration.

Complications arose as Wendy Williams faced health problems, prompting court intervention over her finances in January, coinciding with the start of rental payment issues. Wells Fargo’s concerns about potential financial exploitation and her mental capacity led to a freeze on her accounts.

In his legal response, Kevin Jr. attributed the cessation of financial assistance, including housing, to his mother’s health dilemmas. He admitted to the court that the financial cut-off and the ensuing difficulties were unforeseen.

He also informed the court of his plans to vacate the apartment by September 7. Wendy Williams, who previously earned $10 million annually from “The Wendy Williams Show,” faced health challenges that led to her absence starting September 2021 and missed her final show season due to various health issues.

On February 22, 2023, Williams’ caretaker announced her diagnosis with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, conditions impacting her behavior and cognitive functions, marking significant challenges in her life.

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