Animal Starring Ranbir Kapoor Claims Global Box Office Crown, Surpassing ‘Napoleon’ and ‘Hunger Games’ Worldwide

Explore the global box office triumph of Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s riveting Bollywood saga, “Animal,” starring Ranbir Kapoor, which claims the top spot with an impressive $42.1 million worldwide. Uncover the film’s intense narrative across 38 territories, including its noteworthy $6.1 million debut in North America. 

Delve into the exploration of toxic masculinity, reminiscent of Reddy’s previous works, as Variety describes “Animal” as a caricature blending elements of 007, Godfather, Hercules, and Leatherface.

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Animal Starring Ranbir Kapoor Claims Global Box Office Crown, Surpassing 'Napoleon' and 'Hunger Games' Worldwide

Animal Starring Ranbir Kapoor Claims Global Box Office Crown

Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s intense Bollywood spectacle, “Animal,” featuring Ranbir Kapoor, has secured the global top spot with a staggering $42.1 million, as reported by ComScore.

The film’s release spanned 38 global territories, contributing to the impressive worldwide gross. Notably, it earned $6.1 million in North America, where it premiered across 850 locations and debuted at the seventh position.

In “Animal,” Ranbir Kapoor portrays the son of India’s wealthiest individual, depicted by Anil Kapoor, confronting an antagonist played by Bobby Deol . The ensemble cast also includes Rashmika Mandanna.

Following the thematic pattern of Reddy’s prior works like the Telugu-language “Arjun Reddy” (2017) and its Hindi remake “Kabir Singh” (2019), “Animal” delves into the exploration of toxic masculinity. In a Variety review, Dennis Harvey noted, “There’s the whole issue of toxic masculinity, which Vanga’s previous efforts were decried for celebrating. ‘Animal’ is too ridiculous to take grave offense at, but it does offer a caricature of chest-thumping masculinity, equal parts 007, Godfather, Hercules, and Leatherface, that plays like the fantasy of manosphere celebrities like Andrew Tate.”

In the second spot, Ridley Scott’s Apple Original Films-produced and Sony Pictures-distributed action epic, “Napoleon,” garnered $35.7 million worldwide, including $28.6 million internationally, bringing its global total to $137 million. “Napoleon” is currently showing on over 21,500 screens in 63 markets, with South Korea set to release it on Dec. 6.

Securing the third position, Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” amassed an estimated $29.4 million globally from 88 territories over the weekend. This boosted its international total to $123 million and the global gross to $244 million.

In fourth place, “Renaissance,” a concert film crafted by Beyoncé—she wrote, directed, and produced the film—earned $27.4 million, including $6.4 million internationally and $21 million in North America, where it claimed the top spot. The film is currently screening in 88 territories.

Completing the top five, Disney’s “Wish” accrued $26.2 million from 34 territories, comprising $18.8 million internationally and $7.4 million in North America, resulting in a global gross of $81.5 million.

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