BREAKING: House explodes when police approach Arlington, VA home to execute search warrant

Monday night in Arlington, Virginia, a house exploded just minutes after law enforcement posted on social media regarding a suspect igniting a flare gun inside a residence.

Around 8:15 p.m., the Arlington County Police Department shared on X that they were present at the 800 block of North Burlington Street, looking into a suspect who had discharged a flare gun from his home.

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BREAKING: House explodes when police approach Arlington, VA home to execute search warrant

Residents in the vicinity were instructed to remain in their homes until further notice.

Subsequently, individuals on social media mentioned hearing a loud explosion at approximately 8:30 p.m. Later, the county police verified in a statement that the suspect had fired several rounds inside the house before the explosion, while officers were in the process of entering.

On X, Arlington Fire & EMS notified the public of their units responding to a “structure fire” at the same address, advising of a significant police and fire presence.

A witness informed WTOP that she resided in the area and observed law enforcement surrounding the suspect’s house, attempting to persuade him to come out.

“They’re talking to him. And then next thing you know, the house blows up. It’s a duplex, and it’s collapsed on the entire side. I don’t know about the other side of the duplex. I’m just hoping that people next door got out. And they’re (officials) now chasing us off the street with all the fire trucks and everything because we have [natural] gas in the neighborhood,” she recounted.

While some officers sustained minor injuries, none required hospitalization, according to police. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the explosion is ongoing.



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