Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

Anza, a group of developers focused on the Solana blockchain, has publicized its efforts to address the network’s congestion problems. The group is optimistic about releasing updates soon, aiming to alleviate the issue that results in a 70% failure rate for users’ transactions on Solana.

Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

The rising popularity of Solana has led to network congestion, prompting Anza to investigate solutions. Data from Dune Analytics reveals that a significant portion of transactions on the Solana blockchain, specifically 7 out of every 10 non-voting transactions, fail. 

This situation has compelled Solana wallets, such as Phantom, to inform users about potential delays or failures in transactions. The community has voiced concerns over the network’s scalability challenges.

Anza has identified the congestion’s root causes, including problems with the implementation of QUIC, a common internet transport protocol, and issues related to Agave, Anza’s validator client for Solana, which struggles under heavy request loads.

The development team at Anza is dedicating itself to resolving these issues, with ongoing efforts to diagnose and improve network efficiency. They anticipate rolling out further enhancements in the near future.

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, has commented on the challenges of resolving congestion issues, noting the extensive testing and release process required to implement solutions effectively. 

He expressed the complexity of dealing with congestion compared to outright network failures, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to bug fixes.

Anza is also preparing to release an update for its Agave client that promises to optimize transaction processing. This update focuses on reducing transaction conflicts through improved routing and ordering, aiming to enhance the efficiency of block creation.

Last month, the Solana Foundation offered a set of recommendations to assist users and developers in navigating the network’s congestion, signifying a community-wide effort to improve the blockchain’s performance and user experience.

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