Arnold Schwarzenegger Stands in Solidarity with Israeli Survivors of Hamas Attack

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stands in Solidarity with Israeli Survivors of Hamas Attack

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger condemns the brutal Hamas attack on Israel, expressing support for survivors and their families. In an emotional meeting, Arnold presents bronze eagle statues to relatives of hostages still held by Hamas, emphasizing the importance of spreading peace in the face of hatred and anger. The encounter, organized by the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, becomes a poignant moment as survivors, like 14-year-old Ella Shani, share heartbreaking stories of loss and resilience.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stands in Solidarity with Israeli Survivors of Hamas Attack

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stands in Solidarity with Israeli Survivors

Arnold Schwarzenegger is strongly condemning the brutal and unprovoked Hamas attack on Israel, expressing his solidarity with survivors and their families.

The former California governor was visibly moved as he denounced the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians on October 7, describing it as an unprecedented tragedy. Schwarzenegger, known for his action-hero roles, is offering unwavering support to Israel during these challenging times.

In a heartfelt meeting, Arnold engaged with family members of Israeli hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza, presenting them with symbolic bronze eagle statues. Following the meeting, he emphasized his commitment to spreading peace, highlighting its potency in overcoming hatred and anger.

Among the survivors present was 14-year-old Ella Shani, who recounted the harrowing events of October 7. Her father fell victim to Hamas terrorists at Kibbutz Beeri, while her 16-year-old cousin Amit Shani was kidnapped. Ella shared the terrifying ordeal of Amit being trapped in a safe room as Hamas set his home ablaze and forcibly entered. According to her account, Amit and two other Israeli men from a neighboring house were abducted, taken to Gaza in a car.

During Ella’s emotional 30-minute testimony, Arnold became visibly emotional, leading to a comforting embrace between them. As a gesture of connection, Schwarzenegger also shared some of his iconic movie memorabilia, including a robot head from ‘Terminator.’

The meeting, organized by the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, underscores Arnold’s longstanding partnership with the institution, reflecting his ongoing commitment to advocacy and support for those affected by acts of terrorism.

Source: TMZ

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