Authorities Search Peruvian President Boluarte’s Home in Probe Into Luxury Watch

Dina Boluarte

Authorities Search Peruvian President Boluarte’s Home in Probe Into Luxury Watch

Bollywoodfever, March, 30: Late on Friday, televised footage showed officials from an investigative unit forcefully entering the Peruvian president’s home using a sledgehammer, following a judicially authorized raid initiated at the behest of the attorney general’s office.

Dina Boluarte

President Dina Boluarte faces a preliminary inquiry over an unrevealed collection of luxury watches, dating back to her tenure as vice president and Minister of Social Inclusion from July 2021, before assuming the presidency in December 2022. She has previously acknowledged owning a Rolex, claiming it was purchased with her own earnings since she was 18, and has asked the press to avoid prying into her private life.

Attorney General Juan Villena has publicly rebuked Boluarte’s recent bid to postpone her court appearance by two weeks, stressing her duty to comply with the legal process.

This incident adds to the ongoing political instability in Peru, which has experienced the turnover of six presidents in the past five years. Boluarte’s recent comments, seen as a departure from her initial commitment to transparency with investigators, have intensified scrutiny over her acquisition of Rolex watches, contributing to the country’s political unrest.

The Attorney General has underscored the necessity for Boluarte to immediately surrender the three Rolex watches under question to avoid tampering or destruction.

Boluarte, who is 61 and trained as a lawyer, rose from a local district role to become vice president under President Pedro Castillo in July 2021 and took over as president following Castillo’s impeachment in December 2022 after he tried to dissolve congress. The upheaval following her ascendancy has resulted in at least 49 fatalities.

Boluarte’s administration faces accusations of adopting authoritarian tactics in its bid to fend off calls for early elections and collaborating with congress members to draft legislation potentially compromising the autonomy of Peru’s judiciary.

Source: APNews

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