Blueface and Soulja Boy Clash Over Claims Regarding “Verzuz” Battle

Blueface and Soulja Boy Clash Over Claims Regarding "Verzuz" Battle

Tensions Rise as Blueface and Soulja Boy Clash Over Verzuz Battle Claims

The rivalry between Blueface and Soulja Boy is intensifying. The former “Crazy In Love” star asserted that he would triumph over the “Crank That” performer in a Verzuz battle, sparking a swift response from Soulja Boy on Instagram Live. Soulja Boy, originally from Chicago, dismissed Blueface’s claims, suggesting that all he would do in the battle is perform his 2018 hit “Thotiana” repeatedly.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Blueface has faced such criticism. Comedian Funny Marco hinted at a similar notion in a recent interview, almost causing the Los Angeles native to cut the conversation short. In a recent video clip, Soulja Boy is seen challenging Funny Marco to arrange an interview with him and insisting on a Verzuz battle between himself and Blueface.

Blueface and Soulja Boy Clash Over Claims Regarding "Verzuz" Battle

Soulja Boy fires back after Blueface 

He insists that the father of three couldn’t compete with his array of hits. However, Blueface vehemently responded to these claims by bringing up Soulja Boy’s child’s mother. In a tweet earlier today, Blueface stated, “I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit,” accompanied by a laughing emoji. He went on to say, “I ain’t never told one lie he naming all these people he got songs with he don’t even know me an his Bm made a whole album… My d*ck is bigger than yours.”

Continuing his Twitter spree, Blueface later emphasized that Soulja’s mention of Jaidyn Alexis was the tipping point for him. “When I heard the word ‘Jaidyn’ come out his mouth now that’s where he fcked up at that ones going to cost you every time,” he wrote. “I turn to a svage bout Jaidyn.”

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