Gambling Analyst Troy Hermo Passed Away on March 17

Gambling Analyst Troy Hermo Passed Away

30 Year old Gambling expert Troy Hermo succumbed to cancer and passed away on Sunday, March 17.

Bollywood Fever, March 19: A message from Troy Hermo’s X account stated, “This is Troy’s brother Alex. Troy sadly passed away while surrounded by family last night. On behalf of Troy, his wife Brennah, and the Hermo family I’d like to thank everyone for supporting, donating, and cheering on Troy through his battle with cancer. He loved all of you.”

Gambling Analyst Troy Hermo Passed Away

Troy Hermo was diagnosed with stage 4 Adrenal Cancer in 2018. He initiated a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of a clinical trial and shared his journey:

“When I was 24 years old, I was managing one of the fastest growing companies, dating in a new relationship, purchased a brand new car, and had everything ahead of me. When my first symptoms started to occur, the doctors assured me that it was just anxiety or my casual drinking on the weekends.

“They said I was young and needed to make better food choices.

“What felt like overnight, I gained 20 pounds in my stomach, broke out in severe rashes, and would shake uncontrollably, so I demanded a CT scan.

“Two days later, I got the news. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Adrenal Cancer with an 8 1/2 pound tumor on my adrenal gland (the size of a Christmas ham), thus it needed to be removed immediately. After a 12-hour surgery, the incredible team at OHSU had successfully removed the tumor, along with my adrenal gland, spleen, and kidney.”

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