Google Cloud and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for next-generation Blackwell GPU

Google Cloud and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for next-generation Blackwell GPU

Google Cloud and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for next-generation Blackwell GPU

Google Cloud and NVIDIA have announced an enhanced partnership aimed at empowering the machine learning community with advanced technology to streamline the development, scaling, and management of generative AI applications. This collaboration is marked by Google Cloud’s adoption of NVIDIA’s new Grace Blackwell AI computing platform and the NVIDIA DGX Cloud service. Additionally, the NVIDIA H100-powered DGX™ Cloud platform is now widely available on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for next-generation Blackwell GPU

This partnership builds on their recent efforts to optimize the Gemma family of open models, with Google also incorporating NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. This move provides developers with a more open and flexible platform for training and deploying AI models using their preferred tools and frameworks. The announcement also includes support for JAX on NVIDIA GPUs and Vertex AI instances powered by NVIDIA H100 and L4 Tensor Core GPUs.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian highlighted the comprehensive nature of their collaboration with NVIDIA, spanning from hardware to software ecosystems and managed AI platforms. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang emphasized the goal of enabling enterprises to leverage generative AI more quickly and efficiently through this partnership.

The expanded collaboration includes several key initiatives:

  • The adoption of the NVIDIA Grace Blackwell platform by Google for internal use and as one of the first cloud providers to offer Blackwell-powered instances.
  • The introduction of Grace Blackwell-powered DGX Cloud on Google Cloud, featuring NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 systems for efficient training and inference of large language models (LLMs).
  • Enhanced support for JAX on NVIDIA GPUs, facilitating large-scale LLM training.
  • Integration of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices into Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for faster AI deployment.
  • Easier deployment of the NVIDIA NeMo™ framework across Google Cloud platforms.
  • Expanded support for NVIDIA GPUs in Vertex AI and Dataflow for improved data science and analytics capabilities.

This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to providing the AI community with leading-edge capabilities and support at every layer of the AI stack, enabling researchers, scientists, and developers to push the boundaries of AI innovation.

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