Nicole Scherzinger Criticizes X-Factor’s ‘Over 25s’ Category as ‘Ageist’ and Crazy

Nicole Scherzinger: A Talented Journey - Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Nicole Scherzinger Criticizes X-Factor’s ‘Over 25s’ Category as ‘Ageist’ and Crazy

Nicole Scherzinger has openly criticized the ‘over 25s’ category of X-Factor, labeling it as ‘ageist’ and Crazy.

The former panelist reflected on the show’s categorization system, suggesting it unfairly implies that relevance and talent are confined to those younger than 25.

Scherzinger, who is 45, shared her insights during her time as a guest on the How to Fail podcast, recalling her experience mentoring the over 25s in the show’s 14th season. She expressed astonishment at the notion that turning 25 suddenly places contestants in the ‘overs’ bracket.

“It’s kind of crazy when you think when I was doing the X Factor it was like once you’re 25 you’re in the ‘overs’. Isn’t that crazy? So like, only people who are 25 and below, they’re the only people that count, that need music and art? No!”

Highlighting the issue of ageism, Scherzinger pointed out her current state of peak physical fitness, wisdom, and determination at the age of 45, challenging the preconceptions surrounding age.

Nicole Scherzinger: A Talented Journey - Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bra Size, Net Worth

“People talk about ageism. I think the failure, the tragedy is that I’m 45 years old, I’ve never been more fit physically, I’ve never been more wise in my mind, I’ve never been more focused, more determined. It’s such a negative thing that we put too much focus and power on.”

She coined the term “agelicious” to advocate for a celebration of life at any age, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s current state with pride and joy.

“So I was thinking about this and I was like ‘what’s the opposite of ageism?’ The opposite of ageism is agelicious. Agelicious – it is celebrating who you are, everything that brought you here, who you are, where you are right now.”

Scherzinger’s comments shed light on the broader issue of ageism within the entertainment industry and beyond, challenging societal norms and expectations.

The X-Factor, which ran from 2004 to 2019 under the supervision of Simon Cowell, utilized a categorization system that segregated contestants into boys, girls, groups, or over 25s after a certain point in the competition, with the ‘overs’ category fluctuating between over 25s and over 28s in different seasons.

Nicole Scherzinger: A Talented Journey - Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bra Size, Net Worth

In the ninth series of the show, the age limit for the ‘over 25s’ category was raised to ‘over 28s’, but it was reverted back to ‘over 25s’ in the tenth series. Subsequent adjustments saw the category changed to ‘over 26s’ in the eleventh series and then back to ‘over 28s’ in the fourteenth series.

Nicole Scherzinger’s critique of The X Factor’s age categorization adds to a growing chorus of voices challenging the show. Among them, Cher Lloyd, aged 30, Rebecca Ferguson, aged 37, and the duo Jedward, aged 32, have highlighted instances of what they describe as shocking and exploitative conduct by certain high-ranking officials involved with the show.

Rebecca Ferguson, who participated in the 2010 series, has been vocal in demanding a parliamentary investigation into the music industry, advocating for stricter regulations to shield artists from manipulative agents and managers. She has denounced ‘powerful’ industry figures and suggested the establishment of an independent body to ensure accountability.

Ferguson’s social media posts further allege knowledge of two women who were raped and others pushed to the brink of suicide due to industry practices. She accused unnamed officials of “covering up sexual assault for your seedy friends” and “grooming 17-year-old boys who are confused about their sexuality”.

These allegations echo sentiments expressed by Matt Cardle, the 2010 series winner, who criticized the show for exploiting participants and expressed surprise at the absence of more dire outcomes.

In 2021, Katie Waissel, another former contestant, reported to The Mail on Sunday that she had been sexually assaulted by someone associated with the X Factor team. Ferguson, in a TikTok video two years prior, lamented how the show “exploited” her by selling a dream and then financially benefiting at her expense.

Nicole Scherzinger: A Talented Journey - Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bra Size, Net Worth

In response to Waissel’s allegations, a Syco Entertainment spokesperson stated that upon learning of the claims in 2017, they immediately reached out to Waissel and initiated an investigation. They suspended the accused and urged Waissel to formalize her complaints for a thorough inquiry. However, due to her not providing detailed allegations and in the absence of further evidence, they had to accept the accused’s denial. They emphasized their willingness to investigate should Waissel decide to come forward with more information, noting that the accused no longer holds a position at Syco or Sony Music.

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