George Osborne Becomes a Member of Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council

George Osborne Becomes a Member of Coinbase's Global Advisory Council

Britain’s Former Finance Minister George Osborne Joins Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council

Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has joined the global advisory council of Coinbase, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange. Osborne joins the ranks of high-profile politicians like Mark Esper, the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, and former U.S. Senator Patrick Toomey (R-PA), who serve as global strategy advisers for the exchange.

George Osborne Becomes a Member of Coinbase's Global Advisory Council

George Osborne Becomes a Member of Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council

In the midst of regulatory challenges, Coinbase welcomed Osborne’s addition to their advisory council, emphasizing his extensive experience in business, journalism, and government. Faryar Shirzad, Coinbase’s chief policy officer, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We look forward to relying on his insights and experiences as we grow Coinbase around the world.”

Osborne’s role is seen as a strategic move by Coinbase to establish connections with politicians and regulators. The exchange aims to leverage these relationships to influence the development of crypto-friendly regulations. CNBC reported that Coinbase hopes Osborne’s involvement will strengthen its ties with political and regulatory circles.

Osborne, who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016, recognizes the transformative potential of blockchain technology in financial markets. He expressed eagerness to contribute to Coinbase’s vision of building “a new future in financial services.

Following the confirmation of Osborne’s appointment, reports surfaced indicating that Coinbase and Ripple are among the significant financial supporters of the super political action committee (PAC) Fairshake. This PAC aims to advocate for pro-crypto politicians from both sides of the political spectrum, having raised $85 million, with two-thirds of the funds coming from crypto firms. Other major crypto contributors include Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z and Electric Capital.

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