Mexican actress Helena Rojo dies at 79

Mexican actress Helena Rojo dies at 79

Mexican actress Helena Rojo dies at 79

Mexican media have reported the passing of renowned actress Helena Rojo, who died at the age of 79 this Saturday.

The news was confirmed through the Instagram account of the Hoy program and Televisa Espectáculos en X.

Mexican actress Helena Rojo dies at 79

According to journalist María Luisa Valdés, from the Multimedios network, the actress passed away “at 3 in the morning” on Saturday, February 4.

As per the information provided, she succumbed to “cancer” and “will be laid to rest at home.”

Alejandro Taibo, a reporter for the N+ news service available on ViX, confirmed through the FOROtv signal that the cause of death was “liver cancer,” a battle the actress “had kept absolutely silent.”

“So much so that she continued working,” noted the reporter.

The artist’s final television project was the telenovela Vencer la Culpa, currently airing on Univision and streaming through ViX.

N+ also confirmed that the funeral will be “private, at home, with her family, as per her wishes.”

Who was Helena Rojo?

Helena Rojo was a distinguished Mexican actress known for her prolific career in film, television, and theater. Born on August 18, 1944, in Mexico City, she gained widespread recognition for her versatile performances and contribution to the entertainment industry. Rojo appeared in numerous telenovelas, films, and theatrical productions, earning accolades for her talent and dedication.

Throughout her career, she took on a variety of roles, showcasing her acting range and leaving a lasting impact on Mexican entertainment. Helena Rojo’s work spanned several decades, and she remained active in the industry until her passing on February 3, 2024. Her legacy endures through her contributions to Mexican cinema and television.

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