IShowSpeed’s Wild Family Guy KFC Stream Goes Viral, Even KFC Reacts!

IShowSpeed's Wild Family Guy KFC Stream Goes Viral, Even KFC Reacts!

YouTuber IShowSpeed‘s outlandish Family Guy-themed stream, featuring Peter and Lois Griffin impersonators inside a KFC restaurant, made waves online and even caught the attention of the restaurant chain.

IShowSpeed's Wild Family Guy KFC Stream Goes Viral, Even KFC Reacts!

Known for his eccentric IRL streams, IShowSpeed’s recent content has been nothing short of extraordinary. From attempting to enter North Korea to appearing on ESPN, he consistently delivers unique and captivating content. One of his most recent streams involved him eating chicken in a New York KFC while hanging out with real-life versions of Peter and Lois Griffin.

During the stream, the Griffins spontaneously burst into song, performing the Family Guy theme song, with IShowSpeed joining in. The surreal moment culminated in one of IShowSpeed’s signature backflips, adding to the stream’s viral appeal, which garnered over 10 million views on X alone.

KFC took notice of the viral stream and responded to the broadcast and clips, humorously stating, “The flip is now KFC history.” The Spanish KFC X account also chimed in, advising customers against attempting backflips in their restaurants, absolving themselves of liability in case of injury.

“While we appreciate the athleticism of the backflips, we must remind customers that these actions are not sanctioned by KFC,” the company wrote. Despite this, even KFC couldn’t help but acknowledge IShowSpeed’s impressive athletic skills, jokingly admitting, “But the truth is that [backflips] are very hard hahaha how beautiful.”

IShowSpeed’s KFC Family Guy stream is just the latest in a series of outrageous broadcasts by the 19-year-old. From taking an RKO finishing move from Randy Orton at WrestleMania to being pranked by NFL star Patrick Mahomes, his content is consistently surprising and entertaining.

Given the trend of creators collaborating with fast-food chains for promotional deals, it will be interesting to see if IShowSpeed and KFC team up in the future.

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