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Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 Price and Release Date

Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 Price and Release date

Basketball enthusiasts who follow the NBA are likely to have been informed that Ja Morant, the rising star of the Memphis Grizzlies, recently signed a deal to endorse a signature shoe with Nike. 

Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 Price and Release Date

As a result, the highly anticipated Nike Ja 1 is scheduled to hit the market in the near future. 

This exciting development offers fans the opportunity to display their support for Morant and his team by acquiring a pair of these shoes and utilizing them while playing basketball.

However, there are some essential details that we need to be aware of before making a purchase. It is crucial to know the retail price of the Nike Ja 1, as this will have an impact on the purchasing decision. 

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to be informed about the exact date of the shoe’s release. Being knowledgeable about these critical pieces of information can assist fans in making a quick and efficient purchase if they decide to do so. 

Let us delve deeper into the matter and uncover more information.

Price & Release Date

Fortunately, the wait for the release of the highly-anticipated Ja 1 shoe line is not too long, as it is set to hit stores in April 2023, less than two months away. 

This news is sure to excite fans, who will have a wide range of appealing Ja 1 shoes to choose from.

Nike‘s decision to sign Morant has been widely regarded as a wise move, given his star status in the league and potential as a face of the future.

Among the Ja 1 line-up, there are several highly anticipated designs, including the Nike Ja 1 “Day 1”, Nike Ja 1 “Scratch”, and Nike Ja 1 “Game Royal”. 

However, it is difficult to dispute that the latest addition, the Nike Ja 1 “Midnight,” is the most outstanding of them all. 

This shoe is inspired by the Memphis Grizzlies team and features an ice-like aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. Unfortunately, its extravagant price tag of $400 may put it out of reach for many consumers.

In contrast, the Nike Ja 1 “Day 1” is expected to be more affordable, with an estimated price range of $90-$110. 

Nevertheless, it is clear that the majority of people will not be able to afford the luxury of owning the Nike Ja 1 “Midnight“.

Undoubtedly, the release of the Ja 1 line will bring significant financial gains to Morant, who already has a net worth of approximately $80 million. 

If his shoe line sells well and generates substantial revenue for Nike, this figure is likely to skyrocket in the years to come.

Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 Price and Release Date 12AM

Nike Ja 1 x Swarovski “12 AM” shoes

Last year, Nike unveiled the first signature shoe for Ja Morant, the Nike Ja 1. The shoe received a stunning makeover thanks to a collaboration with Swarovski, a fine jewelry label. The duo designed a new version, called “12 AM,” which features a black base adorned with Swarovski crystal-studded swooshes. 

The updated edition of the Swarovski x Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 “12 AM” will be available for purchase on May 26, 2023, at Nike and other physical and online retail stores, with a retail price of $400 per pair for men’s sizes.

Ja Morant has had another successful season with the Memphis Grizzlies, advancing in the NBA’s Western Conference. 

Nike revealed on Christmas Day last year that Morant would be releasing his own performance shoe, the Nike Ja 1, and later, Morant and the Nike Basketball team collaborated to turn his vision into reality. The Swarovski-studded version of the Nike Ja 1 is the latest eye-catching addition to the line.

The Swoosh brand’s webpage showcased its partnership with the rising athlete and highlighted the unique features of the Nike Ja 1 “12 AM” version. 

The shoe boasts an all-black colorway, a translucent outsole, and a “12 AM Somewhere” inscription on the sole, emphasizing Ja’s relentless dedication to the game. The “12 AM” lace locks, hangtag, and full Swoosh insignia that runs around the heel are all encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

According to the Nike blog, Morant’s signature logo represents his dynamic precision and determined approach to the game, featuring a stylized “JA” above a chevron, which symbolizes his ability to rise above all obstacles and his verticality, speed, and sharpness on the court. 

The Swarovski x Ja Morant Nike Ja 1 “12 AM” version is sure to make a statement and attract sneaker enthusiasts and Ja Morant fans alike.

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