Johnny Depp Addresses Lola Glaudini’s Allegation of Being Scolded During ‘Blow’ Production

Johnny Depp will Direct His First Movie in 25 Years

Johnny Depp Addresses Lola Glaudini’s Allegation of Being Scolded During ‘Blow’ Production

Johnny Depp has offered a rebuttal to claims made by actress Lola Glaudini, who alleged she was subjected to harsh criticism and mistreatment by the actor during the production of a scene in the 2001 movie “Blow.”

In a highlighted segment from the January 30 episode of the “Powerful Truth Angels” podcast, Glaudini recounted an incident where, following instructions from director Ted Demme to laugh during one of Depp’s monologues, she faced an intense confrontation from Depp post-scene.

“I hear the cue, and I go hahaha, I do a big laugh or whatever,” Glaudini detailed, mentioning her repeated efforts for multiple takes. She described a confrontational moment with Depp post-scene: “Johnny Depp, when they say cut, walks over to me, comes up to me, sticks his finger in my face — and I’m in a bikini on the ground like this — and he comes over and he goes, ‘Who the fck do you think you are? Who the fck do you think you are? Shut the fck up. I’m out here, and I’m trying to fcking say my lines and you’re fcking pulling focus. You fcking idiot. Who the fck do you think… Oh, now, oh now it’s not so funny? Now you can shut up? Now you can fcking shut the fck up? Oh it’s not funny now? The quiet that you are right now, that’s how you fcking stay.’”

Johnny Depp will Direct His First Movie in 25 Years

Glaudini expressed her shock over the encounter, emphasizing her newness to the film set environment and her admiration for Depp.

“This was my first studio movie, I’ve just done indies until then,” she stated. “And I have the star who I have idolized, who I am so excited to work with, reamed me in my face. The only thing going through my head was, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.’”

In defense, Depp’s representative conveyed to The Hollywood Reporter that Depp values positive interactions with his colleagues, suggesting that Glaudini’s account significantly deviates from others’ memories of the incident.

The statement highlighted comments from Sam Sarkar, a collaborator on several Depp projects, who refuted hearing any such confrontation and noted the unusualness of the claim.

Glaudini also mentioned that despite the direct instruction from Demme, the director did not intervene during the altercation, and she later received a vague apology from Depp, which she described as a “non-apology apology.”

Reflecting on the aftermath, Glaudini felt isolated, perceiving a change in her colleagues’ behavior towards her following the incident.

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