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Kader Khan’s Son Sarfaraz Khan called out actor Govinda for his tweet

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The legendary Indian actor, screenwriter and a skilled dialogue writer, Kader Khan passed away on December 31 in Canada. Right after his sad demise, many celebs from the industry took to social media and posted about the veteran. One among them was Govinda, who had worked with him in several cult classics back in the 90s. Their banter in those comedy classics was loved by one and all.

Govinda tweeted and called kader khan father figure to this sarfaraz replied

Sarfaraz : “Please ask Govinda how many times he inquired about his father figure’s health. Has he even bothered to call us even once after my father’s passing away? This is the way our film industry has become.

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Sarfaraz said: “It is the way the Indian film industry has become now. There are too many fragmented camps and loyalties. The out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality can’t be helped.

“My father always told us, his sons, not to expect anything from anybody and we grew up with the belief that one must do what is required in life and expect nothing in return.”

Kader Khan’s three sons live close to one another in Toronto. Sarfaraz says the family intends to carry his legacy forward. “My father has contributed so much to Hindi cinema. We intend to honor his memory in a substantial and relevant way. At the moment we’re all mourning his going. But I can assure his fans all over the world that we won’t let the film industry forget him, Sarfaraz concluded”

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