Kevin Franke Shares Alleged Household Rules expected by Ruby Franke

Kevin Franke Shares Alleged Household Rules expected by Ruby Franke

Kevin Franke Shares Alleged Household Rules expected by Ruby Franke

BollywoodFever, March 29: New revelations have surfaced about life alongside Ruby Franke.

Following her arrest on child abuse allegations in August, the Washington County Attorney’s Office in Utah disclosed an interview with her estranged husband, Kevin Franke. In the discussion, Kevin shared the expectations Ruby had set for him while they cohabitated, albeit separated, towards the end of 2021 and into 2022.

Kevin Franke Shares Alleged Household Rules expected by Ruby Franke

Kevin revealed that during this period, Ruby’s business associate Jodi Hildebrandt, who faced similar charges, had moved into their residence. He described a series of restrictions Ruby imposed on him, such as needing her permission to return home or to enter the kitchen, and being barred from the upstairs area where Jodi stayed. Kevin recounted how Ruby controlled their interactions and communication, which he found difficult.

“And it was during that time that I really became, I would say, dependent upon Ruby. Like if she said a kind word to me like my whole day was made,” Kevin told the authorities.

Attempts by E! News to reach Kevin, Ruby, and Jodi’s legal representatives for comments on his statements have not been met with responses.

Kevin also discussed Ruby’s involvement with ConneXions, a group he labeled as a “religious cult” founded by Jodi in 2007 as a life coaching service with ties to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints principles. He initially perceived the business as harmful, describing it as a group of women criticizing their husbands. Despite initially believing his marriage with Ruby was strengthening through their connection with ConneXions, Kevin’s view soured as he observed changes in Jodi’s mental state and behavior.

He detailed a peculiar period when Jodi and Ruby began sharing a bed and Ruby experienced what he described as trances, believing she was having divine visions.

Kevin eventually sought to separate from Ruby, leading to an “in-home separation” before he filed for divorce in December. By the time of Ruby’s arrest in August, they had been living separately for over a year, according to Kevin’s lawyer.

The arrest of Ruby and Jodi was prompted when Ruby’s 12-year-old son sought help from a neighbor, revealing the dire conditions he and his 10-year-old sister faced at home. Both children were found to be severely malnourished and in urgent need of medical attention.

In December, Ruby and Jodi accepted a plea deal, admitting to four counts of child abuse, and were sentenced in February to 30 years in prison, the maximum penalty for such charges in Utah. At her sentencing, Ruby delivered a heartfelt apology, acknowledging her descent into “a dark delusion” and expressing regret for the harm she caused her family.

Source: EOnline

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