Matt Rife Considers Legal Options Following Fellatio Claim

Matt Rife Considers Legal Options Following Fellatio Claim

Matt Rife Considers Legal Options Following Fellatio Claim

Bollywoodfever, March 7: Matt Rife is considering legal action against an individual who accused him of engaging in sexual acts for career advancement, alleging damage to his reputation, as per TMZ.

Insiders reveal that Rife and his representatives are consulting with legal experts to evaluate options for addressing the explicit accusation made by entrepreneur Nima Yamini. Yamini, who identifies as a comedian, claimed that he and Rife were coerced by two Hollywood executives into performing oral sex for promises of fame, a proposition Yamini says he declined while alleging Rife complied.

The accusation has led to Rife becoming a trending topic, and sources indicate he believes he has been defamed and is contemplating legal recourse.

Matt Rife Considers Legal Options Following Fellatio Claim

Rife is reportedly frustrated with individuals exploiting his name for personal gain, particularly in the case of Yamini, whom Rife views as lacking credibility in the comedy sphere. This is not the first instance of Rife being targeted for controversy; previously, he responded to criticisms from TikToker Bunny Hedaya and her son regarding his attitude towards women, which he addressed with humor.

However, with Yamini’s claims, Rife is determined to challenge the narrative, insisting on the falsehood of the allegations and his unwillingness to ignore them. Yamini has not disclosed the identities of the alleged executives, leading to skepticism about his account.

Rife is adamant about disputing what he considers a baseless story and is intent on taking steps to clear his name and prevent such unverified assertions from going unchallenged.

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