New Orleans Newspaper Goes Viral with Clever ‘Hawk Tuah’ Headline

New Orleans Newspaper Goes Viral with Clever 'Hawk Tuah' Headline

The Times Picayune in New Orleans went viral after a clever headline referencing the ‘Hawk Tuah’ craze, capturing social media’s attention and sparking laughter.

Bollywood Fever: A New Orleans newspaper has gained widespread attention online for its humorous reference to the ‘Hawk Tuah’ phenomenon in a front-page headline.

The viral video of a girl graphically describing her sexual exploits—complete with a mimicked spitting noise—has dominated social media over the past week. High-profile figures have joined in on the trend, with UFC legend Conor McGregor even helping fans identify the girl in question.

WWE star Logan Paul also stirred social media by performing a ‘Hawk Tuah’ move during his latest show in New York on Friday night.

The ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl is making waves beyond social media, earning subtle mentions in print headlines. On Friday, social media user Jono Barnes suggested that The Times Picayune in New Orleans should headline their coverage of the Pelicans’ trade for Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks with “FROM A HAWK TUAH PELICAN.”

New Orleans Newspaper Goes Viral with Clever 'Hawk Tuah' Headline

To his surprise and delight, the newspaper ran with the headline “FROM A HAWK TO A PELICAN” on the front page of its Saturday edition. Barnes shared a preview image of the front page on X, expressing his amazement: “I’m legitimately crying. They actually did it! New Orleans is the greatest f’n city in the world.”

Conor McGregor, seeking to identify the girl from the viral clip, followed a private account on Instagram belonging to “Haliey Welch,” who has 34,000 followers. Welch’s bio indicates she is from Tennessee, and her moment of fame originated from an interview on the streets of Nashville.

Fans on social media have linked Welch to the viral video, with some sharing pictures from her account before it went private. McGregor, accepted as a follower by Welch, is among the 2,519 accounts she follows on Instagram.

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

Welch has capitalized on her newfound fame by partnering with Tennessee company Fathead Threads to sell a line of hats. Jason Poteete from Fathead Threads shared on Facebook that Welch authorized the sale of the hats and will receive a portion of the profits.

The company posted photos of Welch autographing two types of hats—one with a leather patch and one embroidered. Unsigned embroidered ‘Hawk Tuah’ hats are priced at $32.70, while signed caps are $43.70. Hats with the leather ‘Hawk Tuah’ patch and an autograph go for $50, with unsigned versions at $40.

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

The clever headline and subsequent merchandise have further propelled the ‘Hawk Tuah’ craze, showing how a viral moment can seamlessly blend into popular culture and media.

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