Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Advocacy for Pay Parity

Priyanka Chopra and Anne Hathaway At Eden The Garden Event

Priyanka Chopra‘s journey from Bollywood to Hollywood has been filled with remarkable achievements, including starring roles in popular shows like Quantico and Citadel. Despite her success, the actor recently revealed that she was initially unaware of her ability to advocate for pay parity in the entertainment industry. In an interview with India Today during the promotion of WOMB, Priyanka shared her surprise when her agents broached the topic of pay equality.

Reflecting on the moment her agents proposed asking for pay parity, Priyanka admitted, “I didn’t even know that I had that power. I did not know I could aspire for more, because I was desensitized. I was told this is normal.” This revelation highlights the systemic issue of gender pay disparity prevalent in both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Priyanka has been a vocal advocate for pay equity, citing her experiences of unequal pay in Bollywood compared to her male counterparts. She emphasized the substantial gap in salaries, stating that she would receive only about 10% of what her male co-actors earned. However, in Citadel, alongside Richard Madden, she achieved pay parity for the first time, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Currently engaged in filming Heads of State with a star-studded cast including Idris Elba, John Cena, and Jack Quaid under the direction of Ilya Naishuller, Priyanka continues to challenge industry norms and advocate for gender equality. Her upcoming project, The Bluff, directed by Frank E Flowers, further underscores her commitment to breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity in the entertainment industry. Priyanka’s journey exemplifies resilience and determination in the face of systemic challenges, inspiring others to strive for equal opportunities and recognition in their respective fields.

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